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AR AnSci U 9-11

AR Animal Science Unit 9-11

using processing methods that simplify food preparation convenience preparation
a special way of preparing meats for consumption required by Jewish law Kosher
all of the steps or procedures in preparing a product for human use processing
a process of packaging by removing air and sealing in plastic vacuum sealing
determined by amount of edible product Unit yield grade
the amount of capital set aside for a given period budget
an agreement for carrying out a farming enterprise as an entity distinct from the individuals that control it corporation
ability to borrow money credit
all of the decisions and organization activities needed in successfully producing animals and operating an animal production enterprise management
the operator who conducts, controls, and directs the livestock operation manager
an association of two or more people who operate the business partnership
owned and operated by one individual sole proprietor
caring for animals so that their needs are met and they do not suffer animal well-being
treatment of livestock to ensure maximum production and optimal welfare of the animals ethics
an accident of heredity in which an offspring has different characteristics than the genetic code intended mutation
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