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u idaho study

questions for hb breeds

A horse under 14.2 hands is called what? Pony
What is a broomtail? A horse with a heavy, coarse tail
What is a grade animal? Horse with unknown or unregistered ancestory
What is the term for a group of animals within a breed - all of which trace directly to a common ancestor? Family
What does cold-blooded mean? Draft horse breeding
What do you call a written record of an animal's ancestry that's issued by the registry association? Registration certificate
Referring to horse breeds, what do the letters POA mean? Pony of the Americas
What does hot-blooded mean? Horse of eastern or oriental blood
Where did the Welsh Pony originate? Wales
What horse originated in the Shetland Isles? Shetland Pony
Where did the Thoroughbred originate? England
What are the disqualifications for registration of Welsh Ponies? Spotted patterns on body (also accepted: Pinto, piebald, skewbald)
What is a written record of an animal's ancestry? (It may or may not be used to refer to a registration certificate) Pedigree
What is a crossbred? Horse with parents of two different breeds
What is the term for a male donkey? Jack
What is a mule? Cross between a jack & a mare
What breed was developed by the Nez Perce Indians? Appaloosa
What are the colors of the Welsh Pony? Any except spotted or pinto
Recording an animal from registered parents in the breed association is called what? A: Registration
What is the oldest purebred breed? Arabian
Where did the Quarter Horse originate? United States (traces to the 1600s along the eastern seacoast of the New World)
Where in the US did the Tennessee Walker originate? Tennessee
What is the primary use of the POA? Children's mounts
Name a breed used as a foundation for developing many modern breeds Arabian, Thoroughbred or Morgan
What is a light horse? Horse used primarily for riding or driving -- all breeds except draft Also accept: Saddle horse
Who were the first breeders of Arabians? Arabian tribesmen
Which breed was pictured in cave drawings in Europe & China over 2000 years ago? Appaloosa
What breed has its headquarters in Moscow, Idaho? Appaloosa
Where did the Arabian horse originate? Arabia
What color skin does the Arabian always have? Dark
Where did the Clydesdale originate? Scotland (river Clyde area)
What is feathering? Long, silky hair on the lower legs
Name 2 breeds of pony Shetland, Welsh, Connemara, POA, Quarter Pony, New Forest, Dales, Exmoor, American Sport Pony, Chincoteague, Dartmoor, Fells, Gotland, Hackney, etc. (Any pony breed accepted)
Which draft breed is famous for being used in multi-horse hitches - especially one advertising a brewery? Clydesdale
What are the colors of the Shetland Pony? All colors (both solid & broken)
Where did the American Saddlebred Horse originate? US (eastern seaboard - Virginia, Carolinas, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee & Kentucky
What is one of the primary uses of the Shetland Pony? Children's mounts, driving
What is a distinguishing characteristic of the Shetland Pony? Small size
Where did the Morgan originate? US (New England states)
Which breed was developed from small English & Dutch mine horses? Miniature Horse
What is the term for a horse whose parents are recorded in the same breed association? Purebred
What is a combination horse? One used for both riding & driving
What is the term for a horse ridden to a hunt meet? Hack
Which breed nods his head in rhythm with his walk? Tennessee Walker
What is the maximum height of the American Miniature Horse? 34 inches
Which breed excels in distance riding? Arabian
Which breed is represented by the breed association known as the Jockey Club? Thoroughbred
Mottled skin, striped hooves & sclera around the eye are all characteristics of which breed? Appaloosa or POA
Which breed of pony is colored similar to an Appaloosa POA
Which breed is used primarily for harness racing? Standardbred
Which breed does the US Trotting Association represent? Standardbred
What breed of horse is registered on a temporary basis until they reach 5 years of age? American Miniature Horse
What is the average height of the Thoroughbred? 16 Hands
What is the average weight of the Thoroughbred? 1000 pounds
Giving only one number - what is the average height of the Standardbred? 14.2 - 16.2 hands
Giving only one number, what is the average weight of the Standardbred? 850 - 1150 pounds
Giving only one number, what is the average height of the Morgan? 14.1 - 15.1 hands
Giving only one number, what is the average weight of the Morgan? 1000 - 1200 pounds
What is the main use of the Hackney Pony? What is the main use of the Hackney Pony?
What is the most common color of the Hackney? Bay (some are also black, brown, chestnut)
What color is an American Cream Draft? Cream color with white mane & tail
Explain the difference in parentage of a mule and a hinny Mule is a cross between a jack & a mare Hinny is a cross between a stallion & a jenny
Giving only one number, what is the height of the Tennessee Walker? 14.2 to 17 hands (averages just over 15 hands)
The owner of the mare at the time of breeding is called what? Breeder
What do you call a female donkey? Jenny or jennet
What do you call a cross between a stallion & a jennet? Hinny
Where did the Percheron originate? France (LaPerche province)
What are the colors of the Percheron? Black & gray
What is the most common color of the Quarter Horse? Sorrel (sorrel is another name for chestnut -- AQHA uses the term sorrel to refer to a shade of chestnut)
What are the color restrictions of the American Saddlebred Horse? No color restrictions
What do the Darley Arabian, Byerly Turk & Godolphin Barb/Arabian have in common? Foundation sires of the Thoroughbred
Over 60% of Standardbreds are which color? Bay
What is the average height of the Quarter Horse? 15 hands
Which breed excels in dressage, polo, jumping & cross-country? Thoroughbred
Describe a leopard Appaloosa White horse with colored spots on the body & Appaloosa characteristics
Which breed is noted for its cow sense? Quarter Horse
What is recognized as the universal birthdate for many breeds? January 1st
What is generally considered the minimum height for a horse? Over 14.2 (unless otherwise specified by breed rules)
What is an Anglo-Arab? Horse that's half Arabian & half Thoroughbred
What breed characteristically has vertically striped hooves?12 Appaloosa or POA
The breed description of a Palomino describes the ideal color to be what? The color of a newly minted gold coin
Where did the POA originate? Mason City, Iowa
What is the height limit for a Shetland Pony? 46 inches (11.2 hands)
What is a group of horses having common origin & possessing certain traits that are passed on to their offspring? Breed
What do you call characteristics of a breed that distinguish it from other breeds? Breed characteristics
Giving only one number, how tall is the POA? 56 - 56 inches (11.2 - 14 hands)
Giving only one number, how tall is the Arabian? 14.1 to 15.1 hands
How much does an average Miniature Horse foal weigh at birth? 15 - 30 pounds
What is the difference between a Paint & a Pinto? A Pinto is a spotted horse. A Paint can only have Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse or Paint breeding
What is the main use of the Mammoth Jack? Crossbreeding with horses to produce mules
What is the term for a Standardbred that races with a diagonal gait? Trotter
Name a breed developed from the need for a comfortable, ground-covering, smooth-gaited riding & driving horse American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Foxtrotter
Which breed is world famous because of their connection with the Spanish Riding School? Lipizzan
What is the predominant color of the LIpizzan? Gray
Name 2 colors of the Clydesdale Bay, chestnut, black, occasional roan
Who was Figure? Foundation sire of the Morgan breed (owned by Justin Morgan & later known by that name)
Where is the American Paint Horse headquarters? Fort Worth, Texas
Which Indian tribe is believed to be the first to practice selective breeding? Nez Perce
Where did the Paso Fino originate? Spain (from horses of Barb, Andalusian & Jennet breeding)
Which breed is the oldest of American breeds? Morgan
Giving only one number, what is the average weight of an Arabian? 800 - 1000 pounds
What is the term for a horse used to chase foxes & jump over fences? Hunter
Which breed is the term "blood horse" synonymous with? Thoroughbred
According to the Horse Industry Handbook, which breed consistently outlives other breeds? Arabian
What is the minimum height for registering a horse with the International Buckskin Horse Association? 14 hands
Which breed was crossed with the Hackney horse to produce the Hackney pony? Welsh Pony
Today's Standardbreds are able to trot or pace at what speed? 30 mph
Where is the headquarters for the breed organization of the American Saddlebred? Kentucky Horse Park OR Lexington, Kentucky
What is the upper height limit for a Welsh Cob? There is none
Who was Black Hand? Foundation sire of the POA
How did the Quarter Horse get its name? From its ability to sprint a quarter mile
What is a Welsh Cob? Larger version of the Welsh Pony (over 13.2 with no upper height limit)
Name the 3 natural gaits of the Tennessee Walker Walk, running walk, canter
How many breed associations exist in the US? Over 100
What are the 2 racing gaits of the Standardbred? Trot & pace
What is a burro? Small feral donkey of the American Southwest OR Spanish term for donkey (either accepted)
The burro's ancestors came to North America with whom? Spanish
What is the term for a horse that was domesticated & then became wild? Feral
Which draft breed is generally the tallest? Shire
What is the most common color of the Shire? Black
What is the measure of performance for the racing Thoroughbred? Speed
How many types were recognized by the American Albino Club? Three
Where are the headquarters of the American White Horse (formerly the American Albino Club)? Naper, Nebraska
What colors are ineligible for registration in the Connemara breed? Spotted & blue-eyed creams
What is the small pony breed from Argentina which is noted for excellent conformation & extremely small size? Falabella
Which draft breed is a descendent of the English Great Horse? Shire or Clydesdale
Which draft breed is a descendent of the Great Horse of Flanders? Belgian
The Hanoverian, Trakehner & Holsteiner breeds developed in which country? Germany
What is the most common color of the Welsh Mountain Pony? Gray
At what age do Thoroughbreds compete for the Triple Crown? Three
Define breed type Characteristics commonly accepted as ideal for a particular breed
What is a breed standard? Standard of excellence set up by an association for its breed
What is a registry association? An organization formed for the purpose of keeping records of the ancestry of individuals within a breed and to promote the breed
What is a studbook? Register of all horses foaled for a breed OR Record book published by the breed registry association for purebred horses, ponies or jacks
The popularity of Arabians in the US began with the introduction of 45 horses showcased in 1892 at what location? Chicago World's Fair
What is the name of the registry association for mules? American Donkey & Mule Society
Which breed was developed from saddle horses by settlers in the Ozarks? Missouri Fox Trotter
Which Pinto breed conformation type would be represented by a horse of Quarter Horse breeding? Stock
Into which Pinto breed conformation type would a horse of Thoroughbred breeding fit? Hunter
Which Pinto breed conformation type would be represented by a horse of Saddlebred, Hackney or Tennessee Walker breeding? Saddle
Arabian or Morgan type horses would fit into which Pinto breed conformation type? Pleasure
Which breed was developed in America from horses of Thoroughbred, Norfolk Trotter, Barb, Morgan & Canadian racing ancestors? Standardbred
The Thoroughbred exceeds other breeds at racing over what distance range? 6 furlongs to 1-1/2 miles
Around 1906, Homer Davenport was responsible for the major expansion of which breed in America? Arabian
Before 1908, Arabians & Anglo-Arabians were registered in which breed association? Jockey Club
Legends say that Paul Revere rode which breed of horse? Quarter Horse
What is the origination of the name "Appaloosa"? A slurring of the words "a Palouse" (referring to the Palouse region where it was developed)
Name 2 colors or patterns that are ineligible for registration in the Morgan breed White above hocks except for face markings, spotted patterns, Appaloosa patterns, blue eyes
Where did the Galiceno originate? Spain
Giving only one number, what is the height of the Galiceno? 12 - 13.2 hands
Giving only one number, what is the average weight of the Galiceno? 600 - 700 pounds
Galicenos have been imported into the US since 1959 from which country? Mexico
What are the colors of the Galiceno? All solid colors
What was the original name of the American White Horse? American Albino
Why was the Medicine Hat mustang especially favored by the Cheyenne Indians? They were thought to have supernatural powers of protection & invincibility
Which mustang registry was started to collect & preserve the records of horses tracing to those the Indians originally obtained from Spanish herds? American Indian Horse
Where did the American Bashkir Curly originate? United States (from 3 curly coated feral horses found in Nevada)
Where did the American Bashkir Curly get its name? Named for the curly coated horses raised in the Bashkir region of the Ural mountains of Russia
Black Hand - the foundation sire of the POA - was the result of a cross between an Appaloosa mare & what type stallion? Shetland
What breed of horse is always bay? Cleveland Bay
Which breed is known as the Prince of Ponies? Hackney
What percent of Hackney registrations each year are ponies? 95%
Which breed originated in England from Norfolk Trotters & Thoroughbreds? Hackney
When was the Connemara first imported to the US? A: 1951
In Ireland, the Connemara remains pony sized, but in the US, some are now over what height? 15 Hands
Which draft breed is thought to be the only one with any Arabian or Barb blood? Percheron
Which 2 draft breeds do not have feathering on their legs? Percheron and Suffolk
What is the general height of the draft breeds? 16 - 17 hands (only need to give one number)
What is the general weight for the draft breeds? 1600 - 2000 pounds (only need to give one number)
Where did the Suffolk originate? Suffolk, England
What is the color of the Suffolk? Chestnut or sorrel
Where did the Haflinger originate? Austria (south Tyrol area)
Name the small, general-purpose mountain horse from Austria that resembles a small Belgian? Haflinger
When was the Gotland Horse first imported to the US? 1957
Where did the Gotland Horse originate? Sweden
Which breed served as a mount for the Goths & Vikings & can be traced as far back as the Stone Age? Gotland (Gotland Horse)
What is the term used for the feral donkeys of the American Southwest? Burro
Where does the name "donkey" come from? The English word "dun" - which describes their usual color
What is the general height of the burro or donkey? 40 - 50 inches (accept any number within range)
Where did the Miniature Donkey originate? Mediterranean area OR Sicily & Sardinia
What is the legend associated with the cross on the donkey's back? That it's a reward for carrying Mary to Bethlehem & Jesus to Jerusalem
Modern draft horses are descendents of what earlier group of horses? The "Great Horse" OR knight's horses (Middle Ages)
Which breed was first imported from Peru in the mid-1060's? Peruvian Paso
In what state did the American White Horse originate? Nebraska
What is the first & oldest Mustang registry? Spanish Mustang Association
Who were responsible for spreading the Spanish horses over the West? American Indians (specific tribe Apaches also accepted)
What is a Morab? Cross between a Morgan & an Arabian
What is the distinguishing characteristic of the Bashkir Curly? Curly Coat
Connemaras are noted for what? Jumping ability
Which breed was developed by the Hapsburg family of Austria? Lipizzan
Which breed is considered a Swedish national treasure? Gotland
Which breed is a major contributor to all other German warmblood breeds? Trakehner
Which breed is the only draft breed that originated in America? American Cream Draft
What breed is branded on the left hip with a double moose antler brand? Trakehner
Which breed was first recorded in the Doomsday book of 1085? Exmoor Pony
Describe the color of the Golden American Saddlebred? Body color golden with white or flaxen mane & tail
Name 2 feral breeds of horse or pony native to the US Mustang & Chincoteague Pony
Name 2 breeds of draft horse that are commonly seen with feathered legs Shire & Clydesdale
Which draft breed registers more horses each year than all other draft breeds? Belgian
Where is the office of the American Horse Council located? Washington, D.C.
What is the scientific name of the domestic horse? Equus caballus
There are 2 types of Shetland Pony. What are they? Island or classic and American or modern
What is a Spotted Ass? Burro-sized ass that has spotted/pinto coat pattern (white spots must be behind the throatlatch & above the knees/hocks)
What was the principal reason for the development of the POA? To develop a medium-sized western-type pony that's small enough for children to ride & big enough for adults to ride & train
Prior to 1908, the American Jockey Club registered 2 other breeds of horse besides the Thoroughbred. What were they? Arabian & Anglo-Arab
What breed was threatened with extinction during World War 2? Lipizzan
What does APHA stand for? American Paint Horse Association
Cosmetically speaking, how does the Suffolk differ from the other 2 British draft breeds? Suffolk doesn't have feathers on its legs
On which breed of horse could you find a "blue zone"? Paint or Pinto
Who was the first permanently registered Quarter Horse? Wimpy
What is the usual meaning of an asterisk used in front of a horse's registered name? That it's an imported horse
Name the most numerous light horse breed in Europe Hanoverian
Describe the coloring of the Lipizzan from birth to maturity Born dark (black, brown or mouse gray) & gradually gets lighter until solid white (turns white between 6 & 10 years old)
Giving only one number, what is the height of the Lipizzan? 14.2 to 15.2 hands
Approximately how much does an average mature American Miniature Horse weigh? 200 - 350 pounds (only need to give one number)
What does AMHA stand for? American Miniature Horse Association
What breed can match the Thoroughbred at the racing distance of 6 furlongs to 1-1/2 miles? There is none
Which pony breed is often referred to as a "living fossil"? Exmoor Pony
Name one country - other than the US - whose Thoroughbred foals are registered with the Jockey Club? Canada or Puerto Rico
Which breed was the first to represent the US in the World Pairs Driving competition? Morgan
Which breed of horse would you find in the American Studbook? Thoroughbred
In which country did the Asiatic Wild Horse originate? Mongolia
What is the term for a wild Australian horse? Brumby
What is the term for the vocal sound made by a jack? Bray
Where did the Friesian originate? Holland or the Netherlands (accept either)
What term is used to identify the original horses used in a breeding program? Foundation Stock
Who had the first purebred Arabian breeding program in the US? Randolph Huntington
Which modern breed resembles the wild horse of the Middle Ages? Fjord
Describe the coloring of the Fjord Dun -- with a black & white/silver mane & tail, dorsal stripe & sometimes zebra markings on legs
What is the scientific name of the Prezwalski's Horse? Equus caballus przewalski
The Arabian's Arabic name is Kohl-ani. Where did it get this name? Its skin is the same blue-black color as the kohl that Arabian women wear as eyeliner
Who were the Bedouins? Nomadic tribesmen from the Arabian desert (they were the first to breed the Arabian) Also accepted: Arabian tribesmen
Which breed organization was formed in 1971 to preserve the pedigrees & promote the activities of dun & buckskin horses? International Buckskin Horse Association
2 part question: Are blue eyes allowed for horses registered with the International Buckskin Horse Association & if so, are there any qualifications? Yes -- as long as conformation & body color are acceptable
What is the average height of the Exmoor Pony? 12.2 Hands
Giving only one number, what is the height of the Trakehner? 16 - 17 hands
What is another name for the Section A Welsh Pony? Welsh Mountain Pony
What is the height limit for registering a Section A Welsh Pony? 12.2 hands
Which breed of horse originated in Mexico as a result of crossing Andalusian stallions with Quarter Horse mares? Azteca
What breed registry is attempting to maintain the bloodlines of horses brought to the New World by the Spanish? Spanish Mustang Registry
What are 2 ways the term "broomtail" can be used in describing a horse? Horse with a heavy, coarse tail Ill-kept horse of uncertain breed/inferior quality Western range horse
What breed - bred as pack ponies - is native to the upper dales of Yorkshire? Dales Pony
What do you call a short-legged horse that's built like a heavyweight hunter & is capable of carrying a substantial weight? Cob
How many major draft breeds are found in the US? Five
What is the main color of the Belgian? Sorrel - with flaxen mane & tail
What is the origination of the name "Standardbred"? One of the first requirements for admission to the studbook was that the horse had to trot or pace a standard mile in 2 min. 30 sec. or better
Who brought the Paso Fino to the New World? Columbus (on his 2nd voyage)
Where did the Tarpan originate? Central Europe
Which state was the center of raising & training Thoroughbreds in colonial America? Virginia
Most Quarter Horse foundation sires trace back to which stallion? Janus
Messenger - a gray Thoroughbred - is generally considered to be the foundation sire of which breed? Stanardbred
99% of all Standardbreds trace to which stallion? Hambletonian
The dark liver or "black chestnut" color is most common in which breed? Morgan
The American Saddlebred was originally called by another name. What is that name? Kentucky Saddler or American Horse
Who was the foundation sire of the American Saddlebred Horse? Denmark (a Thoroughbred)
Black Allen (Allen P-1) is the foundation sire of which breed? Tennessee Walker
The Galiceno may naturally trot and/or exhibit which other intermediate gait? Running walk or Paso gait
Palomino horses in Spain at the time of Queen Isabella were known by what name? Golden Isabellas
What is one version of the origination of the name Palomino? Named after the California golden grape called a palomino
What is a Sorria? True breeding buckskin breed from Spain
Why was the name of the American Albino changed to the American White Horse? There are no true albino horses (solid white horses have either brown, blue or hazel eyes)
Which color horses now registered as "cream" were originally registered as Albino types A & B? Cremello & perlino
What is the small, short-coupled horse named for an Indian tribe? This breed was one of the ancestors of the Quarter Horse? Chickasaw Horse
Who was the founder of the Spanish Mustang Registry? Robert Brislawn
The name Shetland came from an old Norse word meaning what? Highland
Where did the Shire get its name? The English Shires (specifically Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire)
Because of its rounded or "punched up" appearance, what was the Suffolk originally called? Suffolk Punch
Name a small, dun-colored genuine wild horse that was formerly abundant in southern Russia & central Asia Tarpan or Prezwalski's Horse or Mongolian Wild Horse
Where was the Conestoga Horse bred? Southern Pennsylvania
What is the common name for a female of the species Equus asinus? Jenny or jennet
In 1894, Colonel Battel founded the registry for what breed of horse? Morgan
What breed of show pony was produced by crossing Hackney & Shetland ponies? Americana
Robert Bakewell developed many improved breeds of livestock. Which draft breed is he known for improving? Shire
What organization started the Half-Arabian registry? US Calvary (Remount Service)
During World War 2, the Spanish Riding School was saved by the efforts of who? Accept either: Alois Podhajsky (Director of the Spanish Riding School) OR American Army/General Patton
Which breed can be traced through archeological records to England over 60,000 years ago, making it a contemporary of the Prezwalski Horse? Exmoor Pony
What is meant by the term "toad eye"? The pronounced eyebrow of the Exmoor Pony
What is the main limitation to the Exmoor Pony Registry? Limited to descendents of moor ponies that have not been improved with any other breed additions
What is the purpose of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy? To promote rare breeds of horses & livestock in the US
The stallion True Britton (who sired Justin Morgan) was also known by another name. What was it? Beautiful Bay
When was the first purebred Arabian breeding program started in the US? Late 1800's
In addition to Wall St. financier James Keene, what other prominent horseman led the development of the Jockey Club? August Belmont II
What famous foundation sire carried President James Madison on a Muster Day parade ground? Justin Morgan or Figure
The American Stud Book is a register of Thoroughbred horses from what 3 countries? US, Canada, Puerto Rico
In reference to the evolution of the breed, why is it believed that for their body size, Arabian horses have large hooves? Enabled them to travel more easily over desert sands
The King Ranch of Texas developed a linebreeding program around one Quarter Horse stallion that they felt fit their ideal of the working cow horse. Who was this stallion? Old Sorrel
This type of horse never had a breed registry established, but it was the only heavy type of horse developed in the eastern United States. What was its name? Conestoga Horse
The leopard spotting pattern in the Appaloosa breed is also found in what Austrian breed of horse? Noriker
What is the name of the Thoroughbred ridden by General Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn? Vic
What group of people were responsible for the development of many of the American horse breeds? Early colonists of the East coast
Which of these 2 breeds does NOT have a long, springy stride with extreme flexion of the knees & hocks - Belgian or Clydesdale? Belgian
What was the original name for the Standardbred? American Trotting Horse
Identify the breed from the description: This breed of horse has a running walk similar to that of the Tennessee Walking Horse & the Pasos. They have been imported from Mexico since the late 1950s & range in size from 12 - 13.2 hands. Arabians, pintos & c Galiceno
What is the phrase commonly used to describe the American Saddlebred? Peacock of the show world (show ring also acceptable)
2 part question: There are 2 distinct types of Paso horses. Which breed of Paso does NOT register spotted horses & for what gait is the breed most known? Peruvian Paso Gait - termino
At breed shows, Hackney ponies are divided into 2 types. What are they? Cob tail & long tail
2 part question: Name 2 American horse breeds that have 2 distinct types based on gait & name the types Standardbred -- trotters & pacers American Saddlebred -- 3-gaited & 5-gaited
2 part question: What is meant by the term cob-tail & where is it commonly seen? Practice of docking horse's tail to 6" length -- seen in Hackney & draft horses
An influx of which breed can be seen in the American type of Shetland Pony? Hackney
What are the names of the 2 famous grandsires of Wimpy? Old Sorrel & Peter McCue
What organization has responsibility for maintenance of the American Stud Book? Jockey Club
What is the name of the horse traditionally regarded as the first Thoroughbred imported to the US in 1730? Bulle Rock (pronounced Bull Rock)
Mares of what draft breed have a gestation length 15 - 20 days longer than other draft mares? Belgian
True buckskin & dun horses originated from which 2 breeds? Sorria & Norwegian Dun
In order to be eligible for registration, horses of which breed must trace directly without interruption to the recognized male lines & female families of which official European stud farm? Lipizzan
In addition to the stallion lines, how many dominant female families are recognized by the Lipizzan registry? 35
From where did the Exmoor Pony get its name? The moorlands known as Exmoor (SW England)
The first purebred Arabian breeding program in the US is linked to what US President who was given 2 Arabian stallions by the Sultan of Turkey? Pres. Ulysses S Grant
What 2 features made the Percheron a popular draft breed? Lack of feathers on legs & their speed at the walk
To what famous Thoroughbred - unbeaten in 24 races in 1764 - do 90% of all modern Thoroughbreds trace their ancestry? Eclipse
What is the basic difference between breeds? Amount & location of muscling/fleshing & fat on the skeletal structure
2 part question: The first organized Thoroughbred races are traditionally credited to Gov. Samuel Ogle. When & where were the first races staged? Annapolis, Maryland in 1749
Giving only one number, what is the height of the Paso Fino? 13 - 15.2 hands
Name 3 colors of the Missouri Foxtrotter Palomino, black, roan, chestnut/sorrel, bay, brown, etc. (Most often chestnut or sorrel, but come in almost all colors & patterns)
Other than conformation, what are 3 distinguishing characteristics of the Morgan? Easy keeper, endurance, docility
What are 3 colors of the Morgan? Bay, brown, black, chestnut, palomino, buckskin, gray, cream
In what 3 western states was the Appaloosa developed? Oregon, Washington, Idaho
What are 3 main colors of the Arabian? Bay, chestnut, gray, black, brown, occasional roan, white
Name 4 breeds of pony Shetland, Welsh, Connemara, POA, Quarter Pony, New Forest, Dales, Fells, American Sport Pony, Chincoteague, Dartmoor, Gotland, Hackney, etc. Any pony breed accepted
Name 3 colors of the American Saddlebred Bay, brown, chestnut, gray, black, palomino, buckskin, roan, spotted Any color accepted
Name 3 things which determine the racing gait of the Standardbred Genetic factors, training, shoeing
What are 3 uses of the mule? Saddle, packing, draft/farm work, driving, showing, pets
What are 2 uses of the Miniature Horse? Companions, driving, circus, in-hand jumping, in-hand obstacles/trail, halter, showmanship
What are 3 distinguishing characteristics of the Arabian? Beautiful head, dished face, arching neck, high tail carriage, free way of going, great endurance, short coupling, docility
Name 3 distinguishing characteristics of the Quarter Horse Cow sense, compact muscling, speed at short distance, short/foxy ears, calm disposition
The Standardbred is primarily used in what 2 ways? A: Harness racing, driving Harness racing, driving
What are 3 characteristic gaits of the Missouri Foxtrotter? Fox trot gait, rapid walk, rocking chair canter
What are the basic requirements for registering an American Paint Horse? Paint, Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse breeding & meet minimum color requirements
What are 3 characteristics of Percherons? Considerable knee action, bold trot, no feathers on legs
What are 2 uses of the Percheron? General draft, driving, crossbred with Thoroughbreds to produce hunters/jumpers
What are 3 conformation types of the Pinto? Stock, pleasure, saddle, hunter
Which breeds contributed to the development of the Tennessee Walking Horse? Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan, American Saddlebred
Name 3 breeds for which the Thoroughbred provided foundation stock Standardbred, Quarter Horse, Morgan, American Saddlebred
There are 3 main Thoroughbred stallion lines that trace to the foundation sires. What are they? Eclipse, Matchem, Herod
Name 2 breeds that developed naturally to meet the work needs of their region & not the desires of fanciers Tennessee Walking Horse, Morgan, Saddlebred
The Missouri Foxtrotter traces its ancestry to what 3 breeds? Arabian, Morgan, Plantation horses
What is the main difference between a Peruvian Paso & a Paso Fino? Peruvian Pasos were developed solely from horses brought to Peru by the conquistadores Paso Finos were developed from horses imported from Puerto Rico & Columbia
Name 3 registries for the Mustang horse Spanish Mustang, American Indian Horse, Chickasaw Horse, Spanish Barb, American Mustang Association, BLM
What are the 5 major draft breeds in the US? Shire, Percheron, Clydesdale, Belgian, Suffolk
Name 3 German warmblood breeds that are usually used for dressage Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Trakehner
Name 3 noticeable differences between the horse & the ass Ass has longer ears, sparse mane & tail, smaller hooves, no chestnuts, brays instead of whinnies, muzzle & underbelly usually a lighter color, gestation period 30 days longer
What is the difference in body types between the classic Shetland Pony & the modern Shetland Pony? Classic - short & chunky Modern - fine boned, long-necked, high stepping
Name 3 sections of the Welsh Pony & Cob registry Welsh Mountain Pony or Section A Welsh Pony, Section B Welsh Pony, Section C Welsh Cob & Section D Welsh Cob
Name 3 characteristics of the Spanish Mustang Chestnuts small/smooth in front or missing, big boned, legs join chest in A shape instead of wide, straight or concave forehead, convex or Roman nose, small to medium ears
Name 3 classic Lipizzan stallion lines Conversano, Favory, Maestoso, Neapolitano, Pluto, Siglavy
Name 3 distinguishing characteristics of the Lipizzan Agility, temperament, good character, docility, intelligence
Name 3 things judged in the Trakehner stallion inspection system Type, conformation, bone, size, temperament, way of moving. (Those approved must also complete a combined training event before age 6)
Give 3 characteristics of the American Cream Draft Horse Cream color, pink skin, amber eyes
Give 3 characteristics of the Exmoor Pony Primitive coat pattern (buff around eye, muzzle, belly & flank), uniformity of appearance, broad forehead, toad eye, low tail set, double layer coat, snow chute/ice tail
Exmoor ponies have developed characteristics that help them survive harsh winter conditions. Name 3 Double layer coat, heavy brow/toad eye (to keep wind/rain out of eyes), snow chute/ice tail (short hairs at base of tail to keep snow/rain from under tail)
2 part question: Golden American Saddlebreds have 2 predominant families. Name the 2 families & the trait each is known for Peavine - light skin Belvedere - dark skin
Name 3 synthetic breeds & the breeds they derived from Americana Pony - Shetland & Hackney American Walking Pony - Tennessee Walker & Welsh Pony American Quarter Pony/Quarter Pony - small Quarter Horse Walking Pony - small Tennessee Walker Ashland Pony - Chincoteague, Shetland & Chickasaw Miniature Horse
Name 2 breeds that are named after different US states Tennessee Walker, Missouri Fox Trotter, Colorado Ranger Horse/Rangerbred
Name 2 breeds that have a running walk Tennessee Walker, Galiceno
2 part question: Explain the difference between harness & flat racing & name 2 breeds that would participate in each one Harness - race with sulkies/driving race --- Standardbred, Trottingbred Pony, Russian Trotter, Orlov Flat - riding race --- Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Paint, Arabian
The American Warmblood Society (AWS) is focused on the qualities and/or performance of the sport horse. What are the 4 disciplines that the AWS supports? Dressage, eventing/combined training, show jumping, combined driving
In reference to Thoroughbred race horses, name the 3 categories that measure performance Earnings, handicaps, time/speed
Other than the German warmblood, name 3 warmblood breeds that originated in Germany Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Trakehner, Oldenburg
Name 3 disqualifications for registration in the International Buckskin Association Draft horse conformation, ponies, Palominos with dorsal stripes, horses with Albino, Appaloosa, Paint or Pinto characteristics, roan coloring, graying
Name the qualifications for registering a Golden American Saddlebred Must also be registered as an American Saddlebred & have gold color with white mane & tail/Palomino coloring. No white spots on body (face/leg markings are ok)
What are 3 things that are considered signs of impurity & result in denying registration for an Exmoor Pony? White markings, white hairs on body/mane/tail, hooves with white soles
The Paso Fino originated in Spain from horses of what 3 breeds? Barb, Andalusian, Jennet
Besides color, name 3 physical characteristics used by breed registries for identification purposes Lip tattoo, chestnuts, blood type, muscular dimples, cowlicks, scars, brands, freeze markings, coat pattern markings
Identify the following 5 breeds from the following nicknames: peacock of the horse world, prince of ponies, breed of blacks & grays, palouse horse, aristocrat of the show ring Peacock of the horse world - American Saddlebred Prince of Ponies - Hackney Pony Breed of blacks & grays - Percheron Palouse horse - Appaloosa Aristocrat of the show ring - Hackney Horse
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