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Livestock Repro.

Livestock Reproduction Study Guide

Young female cattle Heifer
Uncastrated Male Cattle Bull
Castrated Male Cattle Steer
Young female Chicken Pullet
Young Male Chicken Cockerel
Castrated Male Chicken Capon
Younge female Sheep Ewe
Young Male Intact Sheep Ram
Act of giving birth Parturation
Act of depositing semen in the female Insemination
Outer most part of the female reproductive tract Vulva
Gateway to the Uterus Cervix
"Catcher's Mitt" that surrounds the Ovary Infundibulum
Tube that connects the Infundibulum to the uterus Oviduct
Act of a Sow giving birth Farrowing
Act of a sheep giving birth Lambing
Act of a cow giving birth Calving
First milk Colostrum
Female swine Sow
Intact Male Swine Boar
Young female swine Gilt
Castrated Male Swine Barrow
Castrated male sheep Wether
The point when sperm and egg cell connect Fertilization
Process of insemination of livestock using collected semen Artificial Insemination
The part of the female anatomy between the vulva and the cervix Vagina
The ovary is covered with these in different stages of growth Follicles
What is left when a follicle has burst Corpus Hemoragicum
Yelow Body Corpus Luteum
What is left after the corpus hemoragicum Corpus luteum
Female hormone Estrogen
Male hormone Testosterone
Gestation length in cattle 283 Days
Gestation length in Sheep 150 days
Gestation Length in Swine 115 days
Part of the Male anatomy in charge of producing spermatozoa Testicles
Act of removing the testicles of a male Castration
Bloodless type of Castration tool Elastrator
A livestock mother Dam
A Livestock father Sire
Offspring Progeny
The product of mating two animals of different breeds Crossbred
The act of atracting a mate Courtship
The part of the male anatomy that adds Fluid Volume to the semen Accesory Glands
The part of the sperm cell that carries the DNA Head
Essential to creating a successful breeding program Good Records
The act of a male releasing semen Ejaculation
The process of taking fertilized embryos and implanting them into several donor cows Embryo Transfer
The cow that is superovulated to produce multiple embryos Donor Cow
The cow that receives a embryo from the donor cow Recipient Cow
The act of collecting the embryos from a donor cow Flushing
The process of causing a cow to ovulate a large number of eggs (ovum) at the same time Superovulation
The point where a male deposits semen in a female is always the same for all species FALSE
Before semen can be used in Artificial insemination it must undergo what? Evaluation
Sack which carries testicles Scrotum
"S" shape in urethra allows for extension of penis outside of body for reproduction Sigmoid Flexure
How many ml of semen does a bull produce per collection? 6 ml
How many ml of semen does a boar produce per collection? 250 ml
How many ml of semen does a ram produce per collection? 1 ml
Two branches of the uterus Uterine horns
Time when a female is receptive to the male and will allow breeding to take place Heat or Estrus
Sperm cell Spermatazoa
Egg Cell Ovum
Condition where one testicle failed to decend into the scrotum Monorchid
Condition where both testicles failed to decend into the scrotum Cryptorchid
Can a cryptorchid sire offspring? No
Part of the male anatomy which houses the spermatazoa as they mature Epididymis
Tube that begins at bladder and continues through penis Urethra
Which glands add Volume to semen that provides nutrient, and cleans the urethra? Accessory Glands
How much of the chromosome material is provided by the sire 1/2 of the total chromosomes
How much of the chromosome material is provided by the dam 1/2 of the total chromosomes
Zygotes divide in a process called Mitosis
Conception or fertilization occurs in the Uterus
Testicles are suspended away from the body to decrease what Temperature
A gamete is also called a Sex Cell
Sperm that are said to be able to move around freely Motile
The process of the ovary releasing an ovum Ovulation
Hormones are produced by what body system? Endocrine system
The production of male sex cells is called what? Spermatogenesis
Asexual reproduction involves how many parents? One parent
Sexual reproduction involves how many parents? Two parents
Which hormone besides estrogen is produced in the ovary? Progesterone
FSH stands for Follicle Stimulating Hormone
The length of time from conception to birth Gestation
Chemicals made by the body which cause physical changes like estus and growth Hormones
A disease that may be passed from one organism to another Contagious Disease
An organism produced by Asexual reproduction Clone
Sex Drive Libido
The male organ that deposits semen in the female reproductive tract Penis
Oviducts are also called Fallopian Tubes
Young immature sheep Lamb
The stage of the Corpus Luteum beginning to heal Corpus Albicans
The act of mating Copulation
The act of manually manipulating the reproductive tract Palpation
The AI tool used in depositing semen in cattle Pipette
The AI tool used in depositing semen in swine Spirette
The fluid added to collected semen to extend the life of semen for Artificial Insemination Extender
The four phases of the Estrous Cycle Proestrus-Estrus-Metetrus-Diestrus
The pahse of the Estrous Cycle in which a female will allow mating to occur Estrus
The action of an animal expelling a fetus before reaching the full gestation period Abort
A growing animal inside the uterus that cannot live outside the mother Fetus
A mature female horse Mare
A Mature Male Horse Stallion
A male animal used in the collection of semen or breeding Stud
An intact male bull that has been surgically altered to be unable to breed a cow, used as a teaser bull Gomer Bull
Female Goat Doe
Male Goat Buck
Castrated male Goat Wether
Accessory Glands Cowper's Gland-Prostate Gland-Seminal Vessicles
The process of collecting embryos form a donor cow to a recipient cow Embryo Transfer
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