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Swine Production

Swine Production & Breeds

The main Purpose for Swine Production is to create what? Pork
Removal of testicles form intact male pigs. Castration
A male pig not castrated that is used for breeding purposes Boar
A male pig that IS castrated that is entirely meant for pork production Barrow
A female pig that has already produces a litter of baby pigs Sow
A female pig that has NOT produces a litter of baby pigs Gilt
A group of new born pigs from one mother. Litter
Breed of animal whose characteristics are geared for quick maturity and muscle growth. Terminal Breed
Terminal Breed developed in America. Cherry Red in color, droop eared, Popular. Duroc
Breed of animal whose characteristics are geared to a slower maturity and breeding quality Maternal Breed
Terminal Breed developed in America. Black with white band over shoulders, erect ears. Known as the MEAT breed. Hampshire
Terminal Breed developed in England with erect ears, primarily black with six white points. Berkshire
Terminal Breed developed in America, droop eared, Black with 6 white points and known for soundness. Poland China
Terminal Breed developed in America, droop eared, Black with white spots and known for being fast gainers. Spot
Maternal breed developed in America. Solid white, semi-droopy ears, large framed, extremely sound and adaptable. Chester White
Maternal breed developed in England. Solid white, erect ears, known as the mother breed. Yorkshire
Maternal breed developed in Denmark. Solid white, droopy ears, long bodied. Landrace
Terminal Breed developed in Belgium, erect ears, Piebald, White with dark patches. Extreme muscling. STRESS gene. Pietrain
The period of time when a sow will breed to the male Estrus
Comes every 21 days Last for 3 days Ovulation (egg production) occurs Estrous Cycle
The period of time in which the sperm actually unites with the eggs Fertilization
The time between fertilization and giving birth (parturition) 115 Days or 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days Gestation
The process of giving birth Farrow
Ear Notching: Pig's Right Ear. Litter Number
Ear Notching: Pig's Left Ear. Individual Number
50%-70% of Production costs Feed
Key Nutritional Component of swine feed. Protein
Ideal Market Weight for swine 280lbs
The animals skeletal frame. Structure
Curvature of Ribs Spring
Animal or group of animals deemed unsuitable for use as breeders and should be sold or processed. Cull
Business and practice of housing outstanding male swine individuals, collecting and distributing semen to outside swine producers. Boar Stud
Gene responsible for sudden death losses Stress Gene
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