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Junior Horsebowl

Horse industry handbook

What breed can't be taller than 34 inches at the withers to be registered American miniature horse
What four parts of the digestive tract make up the foregut Mouth,esophaguse, stomach, and small intestine
What is the ideal slope of the shoulders 45 -50 degrees
What is base wide confirmation When the horses feet are wider apart at the ground than at the chest
What disease has a geographical association with a particular part of the country Patomic horse fever
Name four components of the top line Withers back lion and croup
Name the fat soluble vitimans A,d,e,k
List the names of the teeth that make up 12 front teeth known as incisors Central Pairs, Intermediate, and Corner Teeth.
Where are three practical possibilities to keep a horse? At home, Rent a Pasture, or Commercial Stable.
Why would you do a pre-purchase exam on a Horse you want to buy? To determine the overall soundness and health of the horse before you buy it.
What are the 3 patterns that establish the guidelines to define color patterns of a paint horse? Over, Tabiano, Tovero
What part of the horse is located on both inside and outside of the hind legs above the hock? Gaskin.
What is the single most important characteristic in equine selection? Balance
Why is Balance important in equine selection? Because it forms the basis for movement , length of stride and ultimately performance.
What do we call it when a horse’s forelimb is too far forward and away for the body? Camped Out.
What is an insecticide designed to kill fly larva? Larvicides.
What is the average Temperature range of a horse? 100 to 101.5 deg. F
Name two types of Legumes horses eat: Alfalfa and Clover.
What is the most commonly used technique for estimating body weight in horses? Heart Girth Tape
What are 3 different types of medical treatments that may be used to treat colic? Surgery, Stomach tube, mineral oil, fluids , sedatives, and antibiotics
Approximately how much hoof growth occurs in a 6 month period? 2.25 inches
What part of the Hoof protects the internal structures of the foot from injury? Sole
(T or F)The ideally fitted shoe, regardless of design, should spare the maximum bearing surface on the wall and provide a solid base of weight distribution. True
When your horse is tied with a lead rope in a trailer, how should you remove the rope during an emergency? Cut it with a pocket knife.
What are 4 environmental needs in providing for the welfare of a horse? Physical, social, chemical, and biological.
A period of reproductive dormancy in a mare. Anestrus.
What effect will anabolic steroids have on a stallion? It will severely impair the testicular size and sperm production
At what age do you wean a foal? 4 to 6 months of age.
True or False? A donkey possesses a great deal more reasoning power than a horse. True
What is a molecule used to produce muscular activity, it is the basic energy source for muscular contraction? ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)
What is the study of movement? Biomechanics
What is the breakdown of the energy sources in the absence of oxygen? Anaerobic.
What internal parasite primarily affects foals and young horses? Roundworms (Ascarids). HIH 430
True or False. Influenza is the most common infectious respiratory disease of horses. True. HIH 445
Where are a horse's blind spot? Directly behind or in front of the horse. HIH 1220
What insect causes lyme disease? Ticks. HIH 655
What breed is characterized by the flat foot walk,running walk, and rocking chair canter? Tennessee Walking Horse. HIH 152
How many teeth does a young horse have? 24 HIH 240
What kind of vision does the horse use to judge distance? Binocular vision. HIH 1220
What color is a horse with white hairs mixed into a base coat? Roan. HIH 1040
Equine Herpes Virus causes what disease? Rhinopneumonitis. HIH 610
What is epistaxis? Nose bleed or hemorrhage from the nostrils due to hemorrhage in the respiratory tract or guttural pouch.
How many days is the heat period in mares? 5 - 7 days. HIH 930
Which is the more energy dense feed, oats or corn? Corn. HIH 760
Where specifically would the Galvayne's Groove be located? At the gum margin of the upper corner incisor
A destruction of the frog by anaerobic bacteria resulting in a black and strong smelling infection is called what? Thrush. HIH 540
What color horse has a golden yellow body and a white mane and tail? Palomino. HIH 140
What is the common name for Equine Spinal Ataxia? Wobbles.
How many chromosome pairs does a horse have? 32 pairs. HIH 1020
What breed is readily identified by a finely chiseled head and dished face, long arching neck, high tail carriage, and small build? Arabian. HIH 150
How much fecal matter does a horse produce in a 24 hour period? 28 - 50 pounds. HIH 820
What color is a horse with a yellowish or gold body, black mane and tail, usually black on the lower legs, but no dorsal stripes? Buckskin. HIH 140
What is "floating" with reference to horses? Rasping or filing sharp points on the horses teeth. HIH 405
The horse's stomach makes up what percent of the digestive tract? Eight percent. HIH 710
What type of blood cells carry oxygen? Red blood cells. HIH 830
What do I mean when I say, "I'm going to have my horse's teeth floated"? Rasping or filing sharp points on the horse's teeth. HIH 405
What is a hoof knife used for? To pare away the dead sole from the hoof, remove ragged parts from the frog, relieve pressure on corns and cracks, and remove foreign bodies from the foot.
Where does sperm production occur? Seminiferous tubules. HIH 920
What is a more common name for hyperthermia? Heat stroke. HIH 410
What is the widest part of the hoof? Quarter. HIH 525
Name three types of saddles considered “Forward Seat" saddle All purpose, close contact, dressage. HIH 1100
What is the key to successful parasite control? Interrupting the parasite's life cycle. HIH 430-4
What is the horse's primary behavioral characteristic of self protection? Flight. HIH 320-1
Name four different vaccinations that should be current prior to traveling with your horse Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis, Potomac Horse Fever, Rabies
Name the hormone that keeps mares out of estrus and helps to maintain early stages of pregnancy. Progesterone. HIH 930-4
If you can easily feel a horse's ribs through a thick winter hair coat, what kind of body condition would you find? A horse that is too thin. HIH 420-1
To provide a safe interior in a horse trailer, what should be on the side walls, partitions, and front of the manger to prevent injuries? Padding. HIH 1155-3
What term describes a preventive injection of bacteria or viruses that have been modified or inactivated to immunize the horse against certain diseases? Vaccination. HIH 445-1
Name a piece of safety equipment used on horse trailers to prevent the horse from backing out if the door is open. Butt bar or butt chain. HIH 1155-3
What percent of protein should be in a suckling foal's creep feed? 16 to 18 %. HIH 950-5
What is the incubation time for bot eggs and what stimulates them to hatch? Incubation - about 5 days; hatch - when the horse licks, breathes on, warms, or ingests them. HIH 415-5
Define the term "cue" as it pertains to horses. A signal given by the rider/exhibitor that shows or tells the horse what to do. HIH 1240-1
Name the horse hair coat color that has a transverse stripe across the horse's withers/shoulders. Dun or buckskin. HIH 140-1
In training horses, what is a conditioned response? Response that is learned through practice. HIH 1240-1
Where is the home of the American Quarter Horse Association? Amarillo, Texas. HIH 153-1
Describe two things you can do to help prevent equine encephalomyelitis Use insecticides and repellents; eliminate standing water; put screen on stalls; report an outbreak to officials.
What feature appears on the horse's upper incisors at ten years of age? Galvayne's groove. HIH 240-1
What is recommended as the best type of covering for the floor of a horse trailer? Rubber mats. HIH 1155-2
Why would you give your foal two vaccinations of tetanus toxoid provide long term active immunity against tetanus.
How long does the tetanus toxoid vaccination last approximately one year, annual booster required. HIH 445
Name the two most important dietary "energy" components in a horse's feed. Carbohydrates and fats HIH 820-1
Name the disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. Lyme disease. HIH 655-1
If it becomes necessary for you to cut a newborn foal's umbilical cord, how long should you leave the stump? Two inches. HIH 950-1
What feature of a horse's upper incisors completely disappears after 30 years of age? Galvayne's groove. HIH 240-4
What specific part of a bridle prevents injury to the roof of the horse's mouth? Curb strap or curb chain. HIH 1100-10
Name the type of hay that can be infested with blister beetles. Alfalfa hay. HIH 415-9
Name one of the major causes of all barn and stable fires: Carelessness of human beings; careless use of smoking materials; lack of fire safety knowledge.HIH 340-1
What type of a cinch would you find on a decker pack saddle? Centerfire rigged, single cinch. HIH 1125-1
Name six parts of a western bridle Headstall/crown piece; cheek pieces; brow band; throat latch strap; curb strap; bit; reins.HIH 1100-9
The average idle 1000 lb. horse will consume how much water per day? 10 to 12 gallons. HIH 410-7
Name the major site for bacterial invasion of a newborn foal. Umbilical cord or navel stump. HIH 950-1
How much space is recommended on either side of the rider's feet when they are placed in the stirrup irons? 1/4 inch on either side of the foot. HIH 1100-3
Name the most consistent, natural conditioner for the horse's hooves. Water. HIH 505-7
Describe four symptoms that indicate that your horse needs to have it's teeth floated Holds head sideways when chewing; slobbering; sensitive to bit pressure; goes off feed; loses weight.
What is the name of a canvas used to cover or wrap a pack load? Manta. HIH 1125-3
How many acres of good quality pasture is recommended to feed each mature horse weighing 1000 pounds? Two to three acres each. HIH 730-1
Why would you give your horse tetanus antitoxin? To provide immediate temporary immunity to an injured horse; if you know or are not sure that the horse has not had a current vaccination
According to genetic shorthand, explain the difference between the letters that symbolize the dominant and recessive genes. Dominant - Upper case or capital letters; Recessive - Lower case
What term describes the up-take of ground moisture into a bale of hay causing deterioration of the quality of the hay? Wicking. HIH 710-5
Name the type of horseshoe used mostly on the hind feet to stabilize the breakover of the foot. Square-toed shoe. HIH 515-3
Name four types of pack saddle hitches. Single-diamond, double-diamond, half-diamond, squaw, and Arizona. HIH 1125-5
When do the deciduous central incisors appear? They are present at birth or erupt during the first week following birth. HIH 405-1
What is the recommended minimum size for stallion and foaling stalls? Minimum 12 X 14 feet. HIH 320-1
Name three disadvantages of using straw for bedding horses. Highly combustible; dust causes respiratory problems; horses eating straw can cause problems; high labor costs in stall maintenance; difficult to dispose of.
Name four breeds of horses that were involved in the development of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Thoroughbred; Standardbred; Morgan; American Saddlebred.
Name the two body types recognized by the American Miniature Horse Association. Arabian type; Quarter Horse type. HIH 154-1
What term identifies a foal that is born between 300 and 320 days of gestation? Premature. HIH 950-9
What is the purpose of a hoof tester? To determine the location of a painful area in the foot of a lame horse HIH 530
Name the vitamin that is necessary to promote normal growth and development of the horse's hooves. Vitamin A HIH 505-2
Name the four stages of the life cycle of the horse fly. Egg; larva; pupa; adult. HIH 415-1
Name four things you should look for when you evaluate the conformation of a horse. 1) Consider breed conformation standards, 2)tracking the horse for soundness, balance, action, 3) view the front of the horse, 4) view therear of the horse, 5) view profile from a distance.
Why do Arabian horses have long eye lashes? It is probably an evolutionary characteristic developed to keep desert sand out of their eyes.
Which group of horses require the most crude protein in their diets: Mature horses, pregnant mares, performance horses, or weanlings. Weanlings. HIH 730-2
What is the least glamorous aspect of caring for horses? Stall maintenance or cleaning stalls. HIH 330
What is the average weight of a small bale of hay? 40 - 80 pounds (within this range). HIH 750-4
Name three ways to improve a grass pasture. Weed control; add lime; soil testing; fertilization; grazing management program. HIH 730-2
Name five features that you would look for when choosing stall bedding for your horses. Absorbency, dustiness, availability, affordable, ease of disposal, ease of handling, unpalatable. HIH 330-1
Name the type of muscle found in the horse's skeletal system. Voluntary muscle. HIH 840-1
Name two different types of panniers. Wooden box (grub); rawhide; heavy canvas; canvas and metal. HIH 1125-4
Name the three basic hair coat colors that also provide the base for most of the other hair coat colors of the horse. Bay, black, & chestnut. HIH 1040-1
If a horse has six cheek teeth on each side of its jaws, how many cheek teeth does a horse have? 24 HIH 405-1
Give six symptoms of colic. Restless; sweating; kicking at belly; nipping at belly; pawing; yawning; crouching; rolling. HIH 440-2
What is the advantage of using double-rigged cinch on a cross buck pack saddle? It helps to keep the back cinch from sliding backward. HIH 1125-5
Why should mangers in tie stalls be slanted as they descend from top to bottom? So the horse will not hit its knees. HIH 320-5
Name the type of stall bedding that is the most absorbent of all materials used for bedding horses. Peat moss. HIH 340-1
How do horses get rabies? They are bitten by animals infected with rabies. HIH 710-5
When a horse's diet is lacking in long stemmed roughage, what vice is the horse likely to develop? Cribbing. HIH 710-5
Name four of the internal parts of the horse that are affected and damaged by the EIA virus. Kidneys; liver; spleen; lymph nodes; bone marrow; brain.
What is the purpose of a pannier? To carry gear, food, equipment on a pack horse. HIH 1123-3
Give two good reasons for why you would take your horse's feed and water buckets with you when you travel. 1. Eating and drinking from familiar containers reduces stress in un-familiar places.2. Reduces risk of disease from contaminated mangers or water tanks.
Name another type of saddle beside the decker crcrossbuck that can be used as a pack saddle. Stock saddle or McClellan saddle. HIH 1125-1
Name the health factor you must consider when you purchase paint or stain for horse stalls or fences. The paint or stain must be "non-toxic". HIH 350-2
Hay should be of good quality all of the time but what time of the year is it important that it be especially good? During the winter months. HIH 420-1
What term describes the mare's multiple seasonal estrous cycles? Polyestrus. HIH 910-5
Describe the conformation defect that predisposes a horse to navicular disease. Short, steep pasterns. HIH 220-6
What period of time during a mare's pregnancy would not be a good time to de-wormer? During the last 30 days of gestation. HIH 940-2
Name three factors that are fundamental to the psychology of horse training. Stimuli; responses; reinforcement. HIH 1240-1
What is the distinguishing hair coat color of the golden American Saddlebred? Body color has a golden hue with a white or flaxen mane and tail. HIH 155-1
Approximately how much water will a mature horse drink in one day? 10 - 12 gallons. HIH 710-7
Give one example of why you would use a hot poultice on you horse. To increase blood supply to an injured area. To draw out infection from an abscess or a puncture wound.
Name the two critical times of the year when there are more barn fires. Winter and summer. HIH 340-1
Name the major cause of infertility in a mare. Uterine infections. HIH 940-1
Name the sex of the horse that can become a long term carrier of Equine Viral Arteritis. Male (stallion). HIH 620-1 & 2
What does a farrier put on horseshoes that help to hold the shoes more securely to the horse's hoof? Clips. HIH 525-2
Name six items that you should include in a trailer first-aid kit. Non-stick bandages; sheets of cotton bandage;leg quilts & wraps; twitch; elastic tape; eye stain& wash; elastic bandage; scissors; antiseptic; soap; tube of phenylbutazone.
What is the term for how much blood the heart can pump in one minute? Cardiac output. HIH 850-4
How do you spell rhinopneumonitis? R-H-I-N-O-P-N-E-U-M-O-N-I-T-I-S. HIH 610-1
What is endocrinology? The study of hormones and their effects. HIH 910-5
What are the benefits of using a slant load trailer for the horse ? Horses seem to ride better, experience less stress and are more stable during starting and stopping.
What causes heat cramps? Loss of electrolytes. HIH 410-1
What is another name for Hunt seat? Forward seat. HIH 1100-1
What is the common name used for shoes having tungsten carbide on a mild steel base? Borium. HIH 515-4
What vitamin is necessary for the growth and development of normal hooves? Vitamin A. HIH 505-2
Which hormone do the luteal cells within the corpus hemorrhagicum and corpus luteum secrete? Progesterone. HIH 910-6
Which lethal genetic defect can result from mating two overo paint horses? Lethal white foal syndrome. HIH 1060-6
How long is a horn fly's life cycle? Ten days. HIH 415-2
Incisors and cheek teeth continue to erupt until what age? Into their 20's. HIH 450-3
What is the membranous organ called that connects the fetus to the lining of the uterus? Placenta. HIH 860-1
What is the most feasible, non-chemical means of breaking the fly life cycle? Removing breeding material. HIH 415-3
What should be placed under hay bales when storing on cement floors? Wooden pallets. HIH 710-5
How often should a foal's feet be trimmed? Once a month and more often if correction is needed. HIH 525-3
Suggest two ways to avoid aggressive behavior when group feeding. Use separate feeders; space feeders 40 - 50 feet apart; use extra feeders; ensure an open area.
What are 3 vital signs which should be assessed during an examination of the horse? Temperature, pulse, respiration, capillary refill time, mucous membrane color and tackiness, and skin pliability.
Name the four distinguishing characteristics of the Appaloosa. Spotted coat, either leopard or blanket; mottled skin around the muzzle and genitalia; white sclera around the eyes; vertically striped hooves.
What is on an English bridle that is not found on a western bridle? A cavesson or nose band. HIH 1100-8
How does leather conditioner work? Puts back vital oils. HIH 1100-14
What effect does excessive phosphorous have on calcium? Interferes with calcium absorption. HIH 820-2
What feature differentiates roping reins fromother types? Roping reins are on a continuous strap. HIH 1100-8
How many inches taller should the trailer be than the horse's normal resting position of its head? Ten inches. HIH 1155-2
At what age do the permanent central teeth erupt? 2.5 years of age. HIH 405-1
Of what material are "never-rust" bits and hardware made? Solid nickel. HIH 1100-10
Give another name for the horse's hindgut. Large intestine. HIH 710-2
How much crude protein does clover hay contain? 12%. HIH 820-2
Which pack saddle is a centerfire-rigged single cinch with a wooden bar? Decker. HIH 1125-1
Name four of the six parts of the female reproductive tract. Vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, oviducts, andovaries. HIH 910-1
What is the best and safest type of wire to use for horse fencing Five diamond, V-mesh. HIH 350-3
In training terms, what does the term "trial" mean? Practice. HIH 1240-6
What word is defined as any deviation in structure or function that interferes with the horse's intended use or performance? Unsoundness. HIH 230-1
What is the purpose of the Jockey Club? To maintain the American stud book for Thoroughbreds. HIH 157-
Which type of barn lighting, incandescent or fluorescent, is more energy efficient? Fluorescent. HIH 320-7
A normal foal weighs what percentage of the mare's body weight? 9 - 10%. HIH 940-5
What factors affect water requirements? Work type, work load, weather, and diet. HIH 425-6
What part of a horse's foot provides traction and absorbs shock? The Frog.
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