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Louisiana Florist

Retail Florist license Study Guide

In geometric design how is the basic skeletal structure established? By placement of first three stems
Geometric design: 1st stem establishes Height
Geometric design: 2nd stem establishes Width in one direction and may often be horizontal
Geometric: 3rd stem establishes Overall size or width
A design created by forming a skeletal right triangle in your container Asymmetrical triangle
Asymmetrical triangle: #1 longest stem placed at the Back left side
Asymmetrical triangle: # 2 longest stem placed at the Bottom right
Asymmetrical triangle: shorter flowers are used to Fill in between
This is determined by how it fits the results that the designer is trying to accomplish Suitability
3 things to consider when choosing a container Fit/weight, pleasure to use, and adaptability to various designs
How are filler flowers used? To fill in an arrangement
Line flowers are "out" and establish Pattern
Mass flowers are used "toward the Focal area
Form flowers are used "at" the Focal point
Why do designers use a combination of flower forms in an arrangement? Create texture and interest; prevent monotomy
How are foliage forms classified? According to shape
This type of foliage adds strength, vitality and enhances line Line foliage
Volume and weight are added to an arrangement by this type of foliage Mass foliage
The value of this foliage is found in its distinctive shapes and brilliant color Form foliage
This type of foliage is used primarily for background and to fill in an arrangement Filler foliage
this stage determines the post harvest lasting quality of floral material Production
What is the recommended relative humidity for most flowers stored in a refrigerator? 90%
The cooler temperature that accommodates most flowers 38 degrees
The temperature needed for most tropicals 55 - 60 degrees
What is the general rule for the gauge size of wire? The larger the number, the smaller the wire
What are the wire gauge numbers? 16-30
The general length of floral wire 18 inches
What is the wiring method for roses and tulips? Piercing
What is the wiring method for fuji mums, orchids, sunflowers, gerbera daisy? Hair pin method
What is the wiring method for carnations? Hook method
What is the wiring method for cala lily? Insertion
What are two important things to consider when selecting the bride's bouquet? Bride's gown and stature
Where is the weight positioned in a round bouquet? Top
What effect does one strive to achieve in a round bouquet? Dome effect
The wire gauges used for wedding work 22-24
What type of ceremony is a cascade bouquet usually used for? Formal
How is a cascade bouquet constructed? Center circle attached to handle then lower garland
How is a crescent bouquet constructed? Center circular grouping and two garlands
When is a triangular cascade bouquet used? Formal cathedral wedding
How many components are assembled to create a triangular cascade? Center circular and 3 garlands(4 pieces)
Corsages are considered to be Living jewelry
Name the common shapes for corsages Crescent, triangular and round
What gauge wire is used for corsages 28
How was the term glamelia derived? From gladiolus and camelia
What establishes the skeletal line of a spray? Placement of first three stems
These types of flowers are placed at the center or focal point of a sympathy design Mass flowers
What effect is most desirable in a sympathy design? Oval
What are the important factors for building standing sprays? Be sure the easel is strong enough and properly anchored
The wire gauges used for funeral work 24-26
The types of picks that should be used to secure flowers in the funeral spray Wooden
The wiring method most used for funeral work Hook method
What is the most prominent floral arrangement at a funeral? Casket cover spray
In the design for a casket cover, the family's what is given the first consideration? Preference
The casket piece is generally fashioned to Soften the lines of the casket
What is the height of the flowers in the casket piece to easily fit into the coach? 10-12 inches
When designing a basket for a funeral, you should use approximately this amount of material behind the handle of the basket 1/4
How far above the handle should the flower be that establishes the height of the arrangement? 6 inches
Where should the focal point be in the funeral basket? The upper edge of the basket rim, where all stems converge
What designs should be avoided in a funeral spray? Round, bunched designs; or long narrow ones
How should the blossoms be placed in a funeral spray? The buds and smaller flowers should be toward the outer sides and the more open blossoms and bow at the focal point
What effect are you trying to achieve in the funeral spray? A mound effect
What effect are you trying to avoid in the funeral spray? Flat
What is a prominent rule for funeral sprays where few blossoms are used? Use one color
In funeral sprays, when using a few blossoms, you should avoid this area for the bow Middle
What amount of greenery should be used in spray with few blossoms? An amount proportioned to the number of flowers
What color bow should be avoided in a spray when blossoms are fully open or few in number? Contrasting color
What should the bow in the spray accomplish? It should give appearance that it is tying all the blossoms together
When a non-draining container is used how much gravel should be added one inch to the bottom
This is absolutely necessary for plant growth Light
Use of this can help plant growth Humidifier
What will help overcome the stress of low humidity? Misting plants with water
How often should you fertilize most house plants? Once a month
How old is this oriental culture of creating nature in miniature? Hundreds of years old
Name 2 professions regulated by the commission that apply to you Retail florist and wholesale florist
How many licensed florist should there be in a floral business? 1
How often should a vending machine be monitored and watered? Once a day
What are 2 reasons we are licensed in LA? Quality of design and to monitor for quarantine
Why are red, blue and yellow called primary colors? They are the center colors on the color wheel and the three colors from which all others are made
What happens when you mix two primary colors? A secondary color is produced
What is achieved when strong chroma-vivid or darker values are placed toward the focal area and weaker pastel colors are placed to the outside? Balance
The more dominant the color, the less it is used Proportion
Who is the commissioner of agriculture? 9/ 2014 - Mike Strain
What is the department that monitors licensing of florists? Horticulture Department
Name 2 other occupations licensed by the department Nursery stock dealer, Cut flower dealer
What is a vending machine? Any climate controlled mechanical, electric, or electronic self-service device which dispenses flowers upon insertion of payment
What is the maximum number of vending machines that can be operated by one business? Five
What should be properly displayed on the vending machine? The name, address and telephone number of the licensed florist
What is the fee for the retail florist exam? $50 (9/2014)
What is the license fee for retail florists? $75 (9/2014)
The wire gauge used for general arrangements 20-26
What type of common bugs infect house plants? Mealy bugs
What flowers should always be conditioned separately because they will adversely effect other flowers? Daffodils
What is main rule about ribbon width and number Lower the number, the smaller the ribbon
What ribbon number (not width)is used for corsages 3
Why is abstract stem placement used? It is done solely to give form to direction or mood and create a new visual image in the space
In traditional casket spray which flowers are placed first? Line flowers
What type of flowers are placed at the center or focal point of a sympathy design? Mass
In general, the ribbon or bow should not Dominate the design
In general, a design must have Unity of composition
Tints tend to do what in most combinations? Harmonize
Shades are darker and heavy in Visual weight
Tones may be considered light or dark and may be used where what type of coloring is needed Subtle
What must be eliminated to prevent bacteria growth in a vase arrangemment? Leaves below the water line.
Method used for extending short-stemmed flowers in designs with no water source Tying or extension method
You should insert this gauge wire parallel to the stem of line flowers in funeral arrangements 18
For each vending machine operated, the florist must obtain A cut flower permit for each machine
Is a license required for persons who arrange or sell floral designs composed entirely of artificial materials or dried plant materials? No
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