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Idaho Ext Horse Pack

Questions for HB Behavior

The horse can see anything behind him that's not narrower than his what? Body
If a horse does not want to leave the barn, it's called what? Barn Sour
What is a cribber? A horse that chew on manger or other object & sucks air
What is cribbing? Biting or setting teeth against an object while sucking air
The horse's first reaction to strange & frightening objects it to what? Panic and/or run away
How do you read your horse's intentions as you approach it? By watching its head & ears
What does herdbound mean? A horse who refuses to leave a group of other horses
Why should you never punish your horse when you're angry? Your punishment will be too severe
Why is it important when you have to punish a horse, that you do it immediately? He won't understand why he's being punished if you wait
Describe head shy Horse that's sensitive about the head or jerks away when touched
What prompts the horse's immediate instinct to kick or run? Fear
How soon should you punish a misbehaving horse? Immediately within 3 seconds
What is the definition of a vice? A bad or annoying habit OR an acquired habit that's annoying or that may interfere with the usefulness of the horse
What does it signify if a horse has its ears pinned back? Anger or aggression
What does it mean if a horse has its ears pricked forward? Interest or suspicion
What does a nervous handler cause? A nervous horse
Teasing a horse may cause it to do what? Develop dangerous habits
At what distance must an object be from the front of the horse for it to see the object? Four feet
What is the ability to see separate objects with each eye at the same time? Monocular vision
When the dominant horse in a group makes a threat, less aggressive horses will do what? Retreat, if possible
There are few vicious horses. What may cause a horse to become vicious? Abuse
What practice may prevent a horse from becoming a halter puller? Untying the lead rope before taking the halter off
Describe the stable vice called weaving Horse moves head/upper body from side to side OR rocks side to side or back & forth
Horses have a very strong desire for the company of what? Other horses
Which sense of the horse is better - sight or hearing? Hearing
To judge distance, the horse uses which type of vision? Binocular
What must the horse do to see faraway objects? Lower its head
What must the horse do to see close objects? Raise its head
Under natural conditions, horses do not spend long periods of time in what general type of area? Enclosed
What term describes the habit horses have of eating too fast? Bolting their feed
How does a healthy foal normally sleep? On its side
What is the term for the type of vision where the horse sees the same scene with both eyes? Binocular
What sound acts as a warning signal between horses? Snort
Name 2 vices that are quickly & often copied by other horses? Cribbing, weaving, wood chewing, pawing
What is monocular vision? Ability to see separate objects with each eye at the same time
The modern horse must depend on man for his what? Safety
Why shouldn't you punish a horse for shying? Because with its power of association, it would blame the object for the punishment & might develop the habit of shying at every strange object
What is the soft, welcoming noise made by a content horse? Nicker
When a horse lowers its head, licks & makes chewing motions, it's showing what? That it's ready to cooperate with you/cooperation or submission
What is the term for the way horses use their bodies to show other horses or people how they feel? Body language
As far as behavior is concerned, what is the most important feature of the head? Eye
In problem solving intelligence tests, does the horse place high, medium or low? Low
A horse cannot see directly in what direction? Downward, directly in front, directly behind, over its head/neck/back, under its head
When a horse kicks with a forward & sideward motion, it is called what? Cow kick
What is the proper term for the "boss mare" or most dominant horse in a herd? Alpha
What behavior is often displayed when two strange horses stand nose to nose? Striking, grunting or squealing
What is a cinchbound horse? One that objects to being cinched up
Why may a horse shy at unfamiliar objects? Faulty vision
in general, what is the most effective way to stop a vice before it becomes a habit? Determine & remove the cause
The horse has two choices in response to fear -- what are they? Fight or flight
When is a horse most apt to strike? When in nose-to-nose contact with another horse
How is a pecking order established in a herd of horses? Through aggression
What is head nodding? Vice where the horse rhythmically nods its head either up & down or back & forth
Where is the birthplace of most vices? Horse's stall
A horse has a hard time focusing clearly on objects, but they are very good at detecting what? Movement
In reference to vices, what is the term used when a horse consciously squeezes the handler against the stall wall? Crowding
What is the term for the dropping of partially chewed feed from the mouth Quidding
Charging is seen most commonly is what type horse? Stallion
What does it mean if a horse is said to have "a lot of cow Horse has mental abilities needed to work cattle
What is the tactile sense Sense of touch
What term describes the habit of a horse that rolls its food into balls rather than chew it & then drops it on the ground Quidding
What is ingestive behavior Eating or drinking
What sound does a horse make in response to anger Squeal
Name a vice associated with head nodding Weaving
Why do horses want to stay together & not leave other horses Herd instinct
What is the loud, prolonged call of a horse Neigh
What is cororphagy Eating of feces (eating poop)
How is behavior shaped By reinforcing each successive step in the desired direction
Learning new tasks is not difficult for the horse if cues involve what? His strongest senses
The curling of the upper lip - common behavior by stallions when teasing mares - is called what Flehmen or Flehmen reflex
What is the most important thing for you to provide your horse in order to prevent him from stall kicking, cribbing & wood chewing? Regular exercise
What is the name for the oral vice in which a horse sticks its tongue out the side of the mouth Tongue displacement
What is the term for the type of behavior when horses huddle together during inclement weather Contactual behavior or herding
Horses in a group are likely to run simply because another horse is running. If the running is not in response to fright, what type of behavior is it? Mimicry or allelomimetic behavio
: In herds, the mimicking of another horse's actions is called what Mimicry
Abnormal maternal aggression towards the foal is commonly caused by what Painful udder
What is epimeletic behavior Giving of care & attention between 2 horses
What is the range of a horse's binocular vision About 65 degrees directly in front of its head
Give 2 reasons why horses may react to sounds that people can't hear Horses can hear sounds that people can't Horses can move their ears & hear in almost any direction
What has been a prime feature of the horse's ability to survive? Monocular vision
When does a horse have binocular vision When he's looking straight ahead at something OR When he lifts his head & looks forward at an object not closer than four feet
What makes it possible for a horse to have more forward & rear vision than other animals? Large, wide-set eyes
Name 3 things that will tell the mood of a horse Eyes, nostrils flaring, ears, tense muscles, showing white around eyes, tail swishing/wringing, mouth/baring teeth, licking, chewing
Name 3 vices that are dangerous to the horse Cribbing, wood chewing, mane/tail chewing, eating bedding/dirt/manure, bolting food, fighting, shying
Name 3 nuisance vices Weaving, stall walking, pawing, mane/tail rubbing, halter pulling
Name 4 fight or flight vices of the horse Lunging, bolting, aggression, biting, nipping, kicking, striking, exaggerated alarm reaction, balking, snapping, shying, startle reaction, crowding, rearing, charging
Name 3 stimuli that trigger the response of shivering Cold, fear, excitement
Name the 3 classifications of vice Dangerous to man, dangerous to horse, nuisance
What are 2 ways to avoid aggressive behavior when group feeding horses separate feeders, ensure open space, feeders spaced far apar
two examples of oral vices in horses Cribbing, windsucking, wood chewing, tail or mane chewing
e 3 things the horse uses its sense of smell for Locate food,, identify other horses, identify people, predators
The horse has a great versatility because of what 3 factors Anatomical structure/function, speed & endurance, fear of being hurt
4 things determine the front & rear vision of the horse Size of eye, position of eye, width of head, width of body
3 of the most sensitive places on a horse Mouth, feet, neck, shoulders, belly, eye, ears, muzzle,
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