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u idaho study

questions for hb colors

Describe the leg marking "sock" White extends from the coronet to & including the fetlock
Describe the leg marking "pastern" White extends from the coronet to & including the pastern
What leg marking extends from the coronet to & including the knee? Full stocking
Describe the face marking "star" Small patch of white hairs on the forehead (white marking on forehead)
What do most grulla horses have on their legs & withers? Zebra stripes
What is the term for faded out color around the horse's mouth? Mealy mouth
What does the term "flaxen" mean? Mane & tail that are colored light yellow to white OR light yellowish mane & tail
What leg marking is white from the coronet to the middle of the cannon? Half stocking
What is the term for a dark line over the withers from side to side? Cross or transverse stripe
Referring to horses, what does the term "zebra" mean? Dark stripes on the legs and/or withers
What do you call a long, narrow band of white running from the forehead down towards the muzzle? Stripe
What term describes both a horse color & a horny growth found on the inside of a horse's legs? Chestnut
What is the difference in coloring between a red bay & a chestnut? Bays always have black manes & tails. Chestnuts have red or flaxen manes & tails
What is a "line back"? Darker line running along the back from mane to tail (another name for dorsal stripe)
Describe the color pattern "pinto" Combination of white & colored markings in irregular patches or spots
What are the 2 most common dorsal stripe colors? Red & black
Name 2 of the 5 white leg markings Coronet, pastern, ankle/sock, half stocking, full stocking
Describe a full stocking White extends from the coronet to & including the knee
Describe the marking "coronet" White covering the coronet band
Describe a roan horse Color is a mixture of white & colored hairs
Describe the color palomino Golden color with white mane & tail (color ranges from bright copper to light yellow OR color of a newly minted gold coin
Describe the color chestnut Some shade of red (ranges from yellowish red to mahogany red -- mane & tail are usually the same color as the body)
What is a true white horse? One that's born white & dies white
What color would you call a black horse who has tan or brown hairs on the muzzle or flank? Seal brown
What color is a horse that has a reddish brown body & a black mane & tail? Bay
How can you tell whether a horse is black or seal brown? Tan or brown hairs on muzzle and/or flank means it's seal brown. (Black horse doesn't have tan or brown hairs)
Describe a snip Small patch of white hairs that runs over the muzzle - often to the lips
What do you call a blue or whitish eye? Glass eye, watch eye or wall eye (only need to give one)
Name 2 of the 5 major VARIATIONS of coat colors Dun, gray, roan, palomino, pinto
Name 2 of the 5 BASIC coat colors Black, bay, chestnut or sorrel, brown, white (sorrel is another name for chestnut)
Red, strawberry & blue are variations of which color? Roan
Where do you find the black points on a horse? Mane, tail & legs
How many basic coat colors are there? Five
How many major variations of horse coat colors are there? Five
Most so-called white horses are really which color? Gray
What type of roan would you call a horse who has a mix of red & white hairs? Red roan (strawberry roan also acceptable because reference put both colors under the term red roan)
What term refers to both white on the face covering the eye area or to one defective eye? Wall eyed
What is the term for a horse whose iris is a light color? Glass eye, wall eye or watch eye
The mealy mouthed description is most likely to be found in what color horse? Bay or Brown
Name 2 pattern markings of the Paint or Pinto Tobiano, overo, tovero, splashed white, sabino
What is the term for a dun horse whose yellow hairs are mixed with brown or black? Grulla
Describe the markings of a zebra dun Dun horse with black points & zebra stripes on legs and/or withers
What is the term used for a gray horse that has a lot of black in his coat? Steel Gray
Define flea-bitten A gray horse with small black or reddish specks or spots
What term means large roan spots on some base color? Patched
What term means a lack of uniformity in color - a dull, dirty tone? Ratty
What term means darker patches, dull finish or dark overcast? Toasted
A chestnut horse whose mane & tail are lighter in color than the body is called what? Flaxen
In order to be registered as a dun, a grulla must have what? Dorsal stripe
When referring to color, what is another name for chestnut? Sorrel
Describe the body color of a dun Body color yellowish or gold (dominant hair color is some shade of yellow)
What term describes a circular or ring-shaped pattern on the coat - 2 slightly different shades of the same color? Dappled
What is the term meaning a blue tinge to the coat? Smokey
What do you call a gray or roan horse that has bay or chestnut specks or spots on a predominately white background? Red speckled
Which term means a mane or tail that is white with a few black hairs? Silver
What color always has black points? Bay or grulla
What causes a gray horse's coat to lighten with age? White hairs growing into coat
Describe the marking "flame" A few white hairs in the middle of the forehead
Describe the coloring of a red dun Reddish orange/reddish yellow color with a red stripe down its back (usually has red mane & tail)
Describe a blue roan Roan horse with a mixture of black & white hairs
Which pinto color pattern has rounded or oval-shaped spots? Tobiano
Which pinto color pattern is characterized by jagged edged, splashy, scattered spots? Overo
What is another name for a bay roan? Red Roan
Name 2 areas that are generally darker or more solid colored on a roan horse Head, neck, lower legs, mane, tail
What color horse has a black mane & tail, body color of brown or black with lighter areas at the muzzle, eyes, flank & inside of upper thighs? Brown or seal brown
What color does the following describe? The foal's coat will be a solid color, but with each consecutive hair coat, more white hairs are added Gray
What color horse has black points & a yellowish coat color? Buckskin
Be specific: A red dorsal stripe appears with which coat color? Red dun, claybank dun or apricot dun (only need to name one)
What color skin does a true white horse have? Pink
On what coat color is dappling most easy to see? Gray
Both gray & roan horses are a mixture of white & colored hairs. What is the difference between these 2 colors? Gray horses get progressively lighter with age. Roan horses do not change color - the amount of white hair stays the same
What color eyes does a white horse have? Brown, hazel or blue (only need to name one)
Which color is the color of newly tanned deerhide with black points? Buckskin
What do you call an appaloosa coat pattern where the horse has a solid colored head, neck & shoulders & on the back or flank changes to white? Blanket
What is a brindle dun? Dun horse with stripes on its barrel (body)
The unusual markings of a brindle dun can appear as what? Teardrops or zebra stripes
What is another name for a chestnut roan? Strawberry roan (red roan also acceptable since HIH ref lists both bay & chestnut roans as "red")
Describe the marking "bald face" White over most of the flat surface of the face (often including the eyes & nostrils)
Describe "glass eye" Eyeball is clear - shade between white & blue OR blue/whitish eye
What do you call a wide, white stripe running down the face to the lips? Blaze
What is the rarest pinto pattern? Sabino
Describe an overo Paint/Pinto that doesn't usually have white across the back. Spots are irregular/jagged edges (often have bald face with bonnet pattern
Describe the cremello color Cream colored
What color is a horse whose body is smoky or mouse colored with a black mane & tail. It also usually have a dorsal stripe & black points Grulla
What does the term "watch eye" mean? Another name for glass eye
What are dark spots on a white coronet band called? Distal spots or ermine spots
The gray color pattern on a bay or chestnut horse is called what type of gray? Rose Gray
What color horse is known as the horse of heroes, history, art & fiction? White
The word "pinto" is derived from a Spanish word meaning what? Painted, paint or spotted (only need to give one)
In reference to coat colors, what are 2 common names for a very dark chocolate shade of chestnut? Liver chestnut or black chestnut
What pinto pattern has a dark base color with white spots? A: Overo
Your Paint horse has 2 solid legs & 2 white stockings. His face has a wide blaze & the white body markings are irregularly spotted. What type of spotting pattern does this horse have? A: Overo
Describe the difference between a stripe & a blaze Blaze is wider - covers the nasal bones
Describe an eel stripe Continuous black stripe down horse's back from mane to tail
What do you call the congenital absence of pigment in the skin, hair & eyes of a horse? Albino or albinism
Dark hairs in the mane or tail of a palomino must not exceed what percent? 15%
What is the name of the pigment in a horse's skin? Melanin
What is piebald? Black and white spotting
What is the general term that describes the color of a bay & white Pinto? Skewbald
Describe the coloring of a piebald pinto Black& white patches/spots
Which pinto color pattern can be confused with blotchy roaning? Sabino
What is the term used for a horse who is almost entirely white except for colored areas over the ears & perhaps the eyes, chest & base of tail? Medicine Hat
Why are most white horses not considered albinos? The majority have pigmented/colored eyes -- true albinos have no eye pigment/color
Describe the tovero color pattern Combination of the tobiano & overo patterns - clearly doesn't belong in either one
A coat color of dappled chestnut with a silver or white mane & tail is commonly associated with which breed? Shetland Pony, Miniature Horse or Rocky Mountain Horse (only need to name one)
A dark colored (usually red or brown) splotch on the base coat color is called what? Blood mark or handprint (either accepted)
Referring to markings, what is an ink spot? Small dark-colored spot seen on the white area of a Paint or Pinto
What do you call a variation of the red dun color - body color is light copper with mane & tail a darker shade? Claybank
Small, dark-colored spots on a roan coat are called what? Corn spots
Frame, sabino & splashed white are 3 color patterns within which more general paint color pattern - overo or tobiano? Overo
What is the term described as a "speckled, flecked & jagged Paint color pattern"? Sabino
2 part question: The pigment melanin comes in 2 forms. Name them & the colors they control Eumelanin - controls black or brown Pheomelanin - controls red or yellow
What is the name of coat markings or areas of the skin where there is no pigment? Flesh marks
Describe the color perlino Ivory color with rusty points
What color is unique to the Shetland Pony? Silver dapple
What are the 3 color variations that describe a roan? Red, strawberry & blue
Give 2 terms that mean a dark line running down the back from the mane to tail Dorsal stripe, line-back, eel stripe
Name the 5 white leg markings Coronet, pastern, ankle or sock, half stocking, full stocking
Name the 5 white face markings Star, stripe, blaze, snip, bald face
Name 3 types of dun Zebra dun, grulla, red dun, brindle dun, claybank, apricot dun
Name the 5 basic coat colors Black, brown, chestnut, bay, white
Name 3 Appaloosa color patterns Leopard, blanket, blanket with spots, few spot leopard, snowflake, frost, mottled, varnish roan
The term "wall eye" can mean 3 different things. Name them Light blue or hazel eye, defective eye, white spot over the eye area
Name 3 characteristics of the overo color pattern White doesn't cross back, one or more legs are dark, spots irregular or splashy, often have bald , bonnet or apron face
Name 3 characteristics of the tobiano color pattern White crosses back, head is solid color or has white face marking, all 4 legs are white below knees & hocks, spots are regular, oval shaped & distinct, one or both flanks are usually solid
Name 3 characteristics that distinguish true white areas of a horse Present at birth, pink skin, don't change with age
Name 3 color variations of a gray horse Dapple gray, fleabitten, steel gray, rosettes, rose gray
Name 3 dun factors Dorsal stripe, leg barring/zebra stripes, shoulder stripe or shadow/cape, black ear tips, cobwebbing/face masking, neck stripes, mane & tail frosting
The basic coat colors of the horse can be modified 4 different ways. Name them Dilution, roaning, graying, spotting
Name 4 primitive markings of the horse or ass Dorsal stripe, wither stripe/cross, zebra stripes, cobwebbing/spider webbing on forehead
Name 3 face markings that have more white than a blaze Bald face, bonnet face, apron face, medicine hat
What are 3 characteristics of true white horses? Snow white hair, pink skin, brown/blue/hazel eyes, born & dies same color
Roan horses have a combination of white & colored hairs. What are the 3 most common base colors of a roan? Black, bay & chestnut
What are the 5 major variations of horse coat color? Dun, gray, palomino, roan, pinto
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