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Health Final Review

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health/Exercise and Lifelong Fitness

What are the four blood types? A, B, AB, O
Which component of blood is responsible for the transport of oxygen? Red Blood Cells
What is the correct formula for calculating your target heart rate? (220 - Your age) X 65% (220 - Your age) X 80%
Calculate the target heart zone for a 28-year-old man who is overweight and has not exercised recently. 115 - 154
Where is the best place to take your pulse? Carotid Artery (Neck) Radial Artery (Wrist)
What are the six health related fitness components? 1. Muscle endurance 2. Flexibility 3. Cardiovascular fitness 4. Muscular strength 5. Body Composition 6. Stress management
What are platelets? Component of blood that helps with blood clotting (scabs)
What is the name of the tiny sacs( that look like a bunches of grapes) in our lungs that allows for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide into our blood stream? Alveoli
Which are the common asthma triggers? Tobacco smoke, exercise, pollen
What is the pathway of air from the nose to the lungs? Nose, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea, & Bronchi
What is the respiratory disorder in which alveoli lose their elasticity? Emphysema
What are the tiny, hair like structures that line the air passages called? Cilia
What is a disorder in which blood vessels become clogged with cholesterol? Atherosclerosis
What is the organ responsible for exchange of gas from the air called? Lung
What is the place where gases are exchanged due to diffusion? Alveloi
What is an acceptable blood pressure? 115/70
What portion of the wind pipe commonly called the voice box? Larynx
What is considered a high blood pressure? 140/90
What part of the blood that carries oxygen? Hemoglobin
What is the name of the cartilage lined pipe that carries air to/from the lungs? Trachea
List three specific exercises the doctor could recommend to help prevent heart disease. 1. Jogging 2. Swimming 3. lifting weights
What is the name of the dome shaped muscle that lies below the lungs? Diaphragm
What is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure after working out? endorphins
What is Hypertension? Having consistently high blood pressure
Lifting weights with 10-12 repetitions would be one way to improve which of the 6 health-related fitness components? Muscular endurance
Put the following words in the correct order after they have left the aorta. Capillaries, veins, arteries, arterioles, Venules. a. Arteries b. Arterioles c. Capillaries d. Venules e. Veins
What does FITT stand for? Frequency Intensity Time Type
Blood pressure is measured by using a stethoscope and what? Sphygmomanometer
Created by: alexball