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Health Final Review

Reproduction/Heredity/Pregnancy,Birth, and Childhood

What is the 100% effective method to prevent pregnancy? Abstinence
Which trimester is the most important time for avoiding risky behaviors which may cause complications to the developing fetus? 1st trimester
What is the process called when the baby is surgically removed from the mother at birth? Cesarean Section
Where does the developing embryo or fetus develop in the mother? Uterus & amniotic sac
What is the picture of the developing fetus called? Ultra sound
What is the pregnancy in which the blastocyst becomes implanted in the fallopian tube? Ectopic pregnacy
What is the structure that holds the embryo to the wall of the uterus? Placenta
What is the name of the monthly cycle during which women shed lining of the uterus called? Menstration
What is the endocrine gland that controls metabolism, growth, and reproduction? Pituitary gland
What chemicals substances are produced by the Endocrine system? Hormones
What is the lining of the uterus called? Endomentrium
What is the male reproductive structure in which sperm acquire the ability to move? Epidiymis
What is it called when an egg matures and is released from the ovary? Ovulation
What is the name of the structures on which genes are located? Chromosomes
What is the name of the male reproductive gland that produces testosterone and sperm? Testes
Created by: alexball