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HLT 111

Human Sexuality, help with studying for final

Where are the eggs fertilized? Oviducts
Where does the fetus grow? Uterus
What is the primary reproductive organ that makes sexual hormones in the female body? Ovaries
What is the general word for the external female genitalia? Vulva
What is the primary center for sexual stimulation in the female body? Clitoris
What is the primary purpose of a Pap Test? Who should get one and why? to check for cervical cancer. All women 21 and older or who are sexually active should get an annual exam because it helps prevent cervical cancer and monitor any probable infections.
if a women's menstrual cycle is 30 days long, on which days is she most likely to get pregnant if she has vaginal intercourse? 10-17 days she is most likely to become pregnant.
What are 3 functions of Oxytocin? 1. Orgasm 2. Feelings of 'bonding' (breast feeding, cuddling) 3. Hormone that starts the mammary glands let down milk
What is the primary cause of cervical cancer? Secondary cause? Primary: HPV Secondary: Smoking
What is the function of the Epididymis? Is it in males, females, or both? It stores and matures sperm. Male
What is the function of the Vas Deferens? Is it in males, females, or both? It is the pathway of the sperm and semen to travel. Male
What is the function of the glands? Is it in males, females, or both? Becomes erect once it is aroused. Both Male & Female.
What is the function of the prostate gland? Is it in males, females, or both? Produces semen. male
What is the function of the cervix? Is it in males, females, or both? provides support to the uterus and allows menstrual blood from the uterus to flow into the vagina and it is a "guide" to the sperm into the uterus during sexual intercourse. Female.
List 4 functions/effects of testosterone in either male, female, or both. 1. Causes males to have deep voices at puberty 2. Causes body hair to grow in both males and females at puberty 3. causes the muscle and bulkier build in men 4. Plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues; testes & prostate
What are 3 endocrine disruptors, its supposed purpose and how does it get into our bodies. 1. Phalates - gives fragrance, it is in lotions, body sprays 2. BPA - Plastic companies use it to make different plastic containers, water bottles, Tupperware, baby bottles. 3. Teflon - used in pans, it is found in popcorn bags that are microwavable
What are 3 negative effects that endocrine disruptors (collectively or singly) can have on reproductive systems or reproductive health. 1. Causes male penises to be smaller 2. testicular cancer 3. Infertile It is bad for reproductive health and systems because it is affecting baby boys. It increases the unlikelihood of males in the world. Less fertile equal less people.
Why is regular genital self-exam recommended for men? Decreases the chance of prostate & testicular cancer, STD's, and other health risks
What specific things should one examine for in a male genital self exam? 1. Change in consistency 2. if you feel lumps you should see a doctor 3. Notice any bumps or blisters that look like pimples on the shaft 4. Notice any unusual drip or discharge from penis 5. dull ache in the lower abdomen and groin 6. enlarged test
What happened in the Stonewall Revolution, and in what place and year? What was the significance of this? Greenwich Village in NY, 6/28/69. Police raided stonewall inn, a gay club this happened in other clubs but the patrons decided not to put up with it anymore and fought back. Start of modern gay rights movement
List the stages of sexual response 1. Excitement 2. Plateau 2. Orgasm 3. Resolution
What happens in the excitement stage of the sexual response? vaginal lubrication, penis gets erected, labia minora color is deepened, scrotum skin begins to thickened, clitoris begins to get erected
what happens in the plateau stage of the sexual response? Heart and respiration rate is increased, vaginal walls narrow to get a better grip on the penis during coitus, penis is completely erect, testes are elevated, "pre-cum" is secreted
what happens in the orgasm stage of the sexual response? Muscles in the penis contract which makes the man ejaculate, in the women her pelvic muscles contract, heart & respiration rate reach peak levels, oxytocin is released in both males & females
what happens in the resolution stage of the sexual response? the opposite happens, no more secretions, muscles relax, penis becomes flaccid, and clitoris is covered by the hood
According to the film you saw, list 5 reasons a woman might choose to give birth at home or in an independent birth center, rather than in a hospital? 1. Cheaper 2. Women are more in control 3. Just as safe or safer than a hospital for low risk women 4. Comfort of their own home 5. have a chance of having a good experience with little pain & natural; the way its supposed to be
Name 3 bacterial STDs and 4 viral ones. Viral: 1. HIV/AIDS 2. HPV 3. Herpes 4. Hepatitis A, B Bacterial 1. Gonorrhea 2. Syphilis 3. Chlamidya
What’s a basic general difference in treatment methods of bacterial and viral STD's? Viral diseases cannot be treated only cured and bacterial you can cure using anti-biotics
What are the long-term risks (more than one!) of HPV? 1. Can cause cervical cancer 2. PID, which leads to infertility 3. Any type of cancer
With what 2 primary methods (other than abstinence) can HPV often be prevented? 1. Using condoms during intercourse 2. Vaccine Gardisil
If a het couple has sex during ovulation, using a condom, but the condom breaks, what 2 different, relatively-effective options do they have for preventing pregnancy? Where can they get each of these? When do they have to use these for effectiveness? 1. Plan B which is a single dose emergency contraceptive that is available in the pharmacy without a prescription if you are 18 years old. take it within 72 hrs of unprotected sex 2. I.U.D. placed within 5 days. by clinician
List 4 long-term (lasting several months or more with one “application”/procedure) birth control methods. 1. IUD 2. Implant 3. Depo Provera 4. Sterilization
From the handout I gave you, what are the 3 general rules for safer sex? State them inclusively, applying to all kinds of sexual couples. 1. Use barrier methods (condoms, dental dams) 2. Good Hygiene 3. Regular check-ups for STD's, infections, etc.
What is fetishism? Sexual pleasure to an object or a specific part of the body such as feet or hands
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