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Health Class - Wellness Unit

Risk Behaviors are anything that can cause Injury, disease or any other negative outcome
Name Low risk behaviors Baseball, basketball, cross-country
Name Medium Risk behaviors Football, hockey
Name high risk behaviors Sky diving, parachuting
List 5 elements of Quality of life Health, relationships, Education, Friends, Sports
What is the DECIDE process Define the Problem, Explore all your alternatives, Consider all possible consequences, Identify you values, Evaluate your decision
Definition of Stress a reaction to something that occurs in everyday life
Eustress a pleasant or curative stress ie: using extreme demands placed on you to learn to manage your time better
Distress great pain, anxiety, or sorrow; acute physical or mental suffering; affliction; trouble. ie: management of time is to demanding so you quit
Homeostasis means relaxed normal state
What are the noticeable effects of "Fight or Flight" pupils dilate mouth goes dry neck and shoulders tense heart pumps faster sweating breathing fast and shallow hyperventilation
What are the hidden effects of "Fight or Flight" Brain gets body ready for action Blood pressure rises Liver releases glucose o provide energy for muscles Digestion slows Sphincters close - then relax Cortisol released
What are 4 Coping strategies Denial, Sublimation, day dreaming, humor
What are 5 ways to Manage Stress Progressive Relaxation, Deep Breathing, Bio Feedback, Getting Help
leading causes of death are influenced by lifestyle choices
stress related illnesses cold/flu -Immune system/depression diabetes - blood insulin levels are out of balance heart disease- effects cholesterol viruses - Immune system/depression
Created by: kgeiser