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what effects does carbon monoxide have on the body's organs and tissues? reduces the amount of oxygen delivered to the body's organs and tissues
what five different tobacco products which are found on the market? cigarettes, cigars, pipe, speciallity cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco
what is the most common product that contains tobacco? cigarettes
cigars contain larger quantities of the harmful substances as cigarettes true
one larger cigar can contain as much tobacco as a pack of cigarettes true
pipe smokers usually inhale less than cigarettes smokers true
nicotine absorbed from smokeless tobacco is three to four times greater than the amount dilivered by cigarettes true
flavored, unfiltered cigarettes imported from southeas Asia Bidis
contain a mixture of the tobacco, clove, and other addictives.they are imported from Indonesia Kreteks
woody shrub like plant with large leaves tobacco
how many chemicals are there in tobacco? 4,000
substance found in tobbaco leaves and all tobacco products is addictive nicotine
what is meant by the statement, nicotine is an addictive drug? capable of causing a user to develope intense cravings
what happens when the drug has been in the body regularly for some time you depend on it
a thick oily dark liquid that forms when tobacco is burned Tar
in relation to tar, what happens when the smoker inhales? tar deposites form bronchi
passages through which the air enters and spreads through the lungs Bronchi
what developes when tar builds up? emphysema and lung cancer
what is a third harmful substance that is released when tobacco burns? carbon monoxide
a poisoness, colorless, and odorless gas cardon monoxide
a cindition in which passages in the lungs become swollen and irratated eventually losing their elasticity COPD
a symtom of COPD dry cough
smoking is the leading cause of_______ cardiovascular disease
a disease in the heart and blood vessels cardiovasular diease
long term smoking contributes to causing ___________ arteriosclerosis
a hardening of the arteries arteriosclerosis
cardiovasular reduces oxygen flow to the heart true
arteriosclerosis reduces oxygen flow to the heart true
cigarette smoke contains more than 4,000 different chemicals, many of which are cancer-causing substances true
colorless, flamable liquid used in industry as a slovent acetone
colorless gas, used in making fertilizers, explosives, and plastics ammonia
poisonous to all life, plants, and animals arsenic
colorless, odorless, poisoness gas carbon monoxide
a poisonous gas, deadly to all living things cyanide
used to preserve and embalm dead tissue formaldehyde
constricts blood vessels, cutting down the flow of blood and oxygen making the heart beat faster nicotine
cancer causing chemical nitrosamines
tell you how to use the medication directions
the parts of the medication that may work including its name active ingredients
problems the medication will treat uses
to check with ur doctor before use warnings
how to store medications when you are not using it other information
mixed with the active ingredients that gives it its flavor and color inactive ingredients
tells if you need to take food or not Rx label
how often you should take this medication Rx label
when you should take it Rx label
how many times you can get this refilled Rx label
the last day to tale the dose usually 10 days Rx label
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