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HHS 231 Chapter 10

Maintaining Lifelong Fitness and Wellness

Aging A progressive decline in the maximum functional level of individual cells, whole organs, and entire organisms
Self-disclosure The process of revealing one's inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to another person
Active listening Attentive and engaged listening that includes giving positive cues to the speaker
Family of origin The people present in one's household during the first years of life
Commitment In the context of a relationship, making choices and taking actions over time that perpetuate the well-being of the other person, oneself, and the relationship
Cohabitation Living intimately together without being married
Self-care Knowing your body and taking appropriate action to stop progression of illness or injury
Sustainable choices Lifestyle choices that preserve and protect the planet's resources
Municipal solid waste Solid wastes from residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sources
Greenhouse gases Gases that contribute to global warming by trapping heat near the earth's surface
Global warming An increase in earth's overall temperature
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