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Health vocab for 1st

for first test of the year vocabulary

Health combination of physical mental emotional and social well being
wellness state of wellbeing or balanced health over a longer period of time
mind body connection how your emotions affect your physical and how your overall health affect your emotions
relaible trustworthy and dependable
stress the bodys response to real or imaginade dangers and other life events
stress managment identifying sources of stress and learning how to handle them in ways to promote good mental/ emotional health
interpersonal communication sharing of thoughts and feelings with other peole
refusal skills ways to say no efficiently
conflict disagreement between people opossing view points, interests and needs
conflict resloution skills the ability to end a disagreement or keep it from becoming a larger conflict
advocay taking action in support of a cause
heredity passing of traits from parents to their biological children
enviroment all living AND NONLIVING THINGS AROUND you
evalute determine the quality of
cultural background beliefs customs and traditions of a specific group of people
risk chance that something harmful may happen to your health and wellness
risk behaviors actions or choices that may harm you or others
consequences result of actions
cumulative risk one risk factor adds to another to increase danger
prevention taking steps to avoid something
abstidence the conscious active choice not to participate in high risk behaviors
Created by: gyoungblut5