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All the rest!!!

Chap. 23 Info for FINAL!

The generic makeup of an individual for a particular trait is known as: genotype
Which of the following is a substance dangerous to life? biohazzard
The process of pithing involves which of the following? destruction of the brain and spinal cord
In common laboratory terms, naturally occurring coat color pattern is known as: agouti
Something that is adapted for grasping is considered which of the following? prehensile
All of the following are examples of rodents EXCEPT: iguanas
Which of the following statements about mice and rats is true? Mice are primarily nocturnal
Guinea pigs have how many teeth 20
In general, normal hamster skin is all of the following EXCEPT: dry
Another name for gerbils is what? jirds
Which of the following resemble small rabbits but with shorter ears and bushy tails? chinchillas
The family Mustelidae includes all of the following EXCEPT: rabbits
Unlike rodents, rabbits have how many upper incisor teeth? 4
Of the different types of reptiles, which includes iguanas and lizards? Squamata
The slimy mucus covering amphibian skin is designed to do all of the following EXCEPT: aid in breathing
Animals adjust to new environments in a process called______ acclimatization
Hamsters have a space in their oral cavities called the ____ in which they carry food and bedding. cheek pouch
During the process known as ____ disease is transferred from one animal to another. horizontal transmission
An animal that is ____ or random bred is from unrelated parents. outbred
The ____ rat, sometimes called the Norway rat, is believed to have originated in Eastern Asia. brown
Guinea pigs, also called ____ have short bodies, stocky legs, and short, sharp claws. cavies
Hamsters have prominent scent glands on their ___. flanks
The _____ gland of the gerbil is large and contributes to the gerbil's ability to conserve water. adrenal
_____ is the common term for the upper respiratory disease of rabbits caused by Pasteurella multocida. snuffles
The ventral regions of a turtle shell is called the _____ plastron
The ____ is the long caudal vertebra of some amphibians. urostyle
Non-sex-determining chromosome autosome
State of being germ free axenic
Formal name of the brown rat Rattus norvegicus
Formal classification of the rabbit lagomorph
Scale-like structure found on the heads of snakes scute
Most common type of hamster Golden
Theory of inflicting minimal stress and pain during animal research refinement
Origination point of the guinea pig South America
Most common type of gerbil Mangolian
Native habitat of the chinchilla Andes Mountains
Define: Rattus rattus black rat
Define: albino animal with a white coat and pink eyes
Define: acclimatizing adjusting to a new enviroment
Define: axenic germ free
Define: vector something that carries disease from one animal to another
Define: cesarean-derived animal delivered via cesarean section into a sterile environment to avoid possible contamination
Define: lagomorph rabbit
Define: calvarium top of the skull
Define: cannibalism act of devouring one's own species
Define: shoebox caging with solid-bottom flooring
Define: agouti naturally occurring coat color which dark bands appear at the base of hair and light increments appear toward the tip
Define: Mustelidae family of mammals that includes ferrets, weasels, minks, and polecats
Define: anogenital distance area between the anus and genitalia
Define: antivivisectionist person who opposes surgery on live animals for research or educational purposes
Define: exsanguination removal or blood loss from the body
Name 2 common uses for laboratory animals cancer/MS/lupus/tumor studies/behavior/obesity/heart disease
give two examples of why you would restrain a rodent blood collection/animal ID/sexing
what is the common restraint used for laboratory mice scruff hold
When using a rodent restraint device, what should the restrainer be aware of? suffocation/asphyxiation
when restraining a rabbit, what is the most common injury if animal kicks or falls back injury to L7
what is the safest way to carry a rabbit football hold
can you leave a rabbit on the table while you are gathering supplies? no
T/F - holding a rabbit by the ears is an acceptable form of restraint False
T/F - rabbits are rodents False - rabbits are lagamorphs
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