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respiratory emergency

what is respiratory distress? when someone is not getting air or struggling to get air
chocking signs 1. tell them to keep coughing 2. call 9-1-1 3.dont abonden them
why do you tell them to keep coughing? they may be able to cough it up themselves and they are still getting air
why call 9-1-1? they might damage their airway from the object
use respiratory arrest begin life saving techniques when airway is blocked
respiratory arrest is when they are not getting any air
expressed consent 1. say your name 2. say that you are trained 3.ask them if you can give them help
what is the diaphram? it is a muscle that is located below lungs and above your stomach
what you do if the object dosent come out yet? keep doing 5 black blows and 5 abdominal thrusts
what you do if they become unconcious? lock your arms under their shoulders and pull them close to your body, support their head and gently lower them to the ground
1st step position youself to the side of them with one foot next to theirs and your back leg behing them if they became unconcious,place your arm across their chest reaching the opposite shoulder bend them over until their head is parallel with the floor
2nd step place the heel of one hand between their shoulder blades give 5 back blows(hollow sound)stand them back up and get behing them
3rd step find their naval and place two fingers above it, place your hand were your fingers were and put your thumb against their stomach,reach hand to the other side with you hand and keep fist,then give 5 upper thrusts into the diaphram
Created by: ashleag