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Emergency Response_1


What are the three emergency response steps? check call care
What is indirect contact? Getting an illness AIRBORNE.!!!!
What is direct contact? Physically coming into contact with bodily fluids.
what is the bystander effect? If there are alot of people at the scence things are less likely to get done.
What does PPE mean? (P)ersonal (P)rotective (E)quipment
How do you make your own bio-hazzard bag? You use two ziplock bags one inside the other.
What are some bodily fluids? urine saliva feces blood
what are some exampleas of Personal Protective equipment? goggles/sunglasses gloves jacket
what is expressed consent? Say your name say you are trained tell them what your plan is to help them ask if you can help
what is implied consent? Assumed. Unconcious adult or absence of the child's parent(s)
What are the three codes of ethics? P-Preserve Life P-Prevent Further Injury P-Promote Recovery
What is "triage"? Triage means if there are multiple victims you which one to you need to tend to first.
What number do you call for poison control? 1-800-222-1222
What number do you call for the dispatcher? 9-1-1
What number do you call for the state police? #77
what number do you call for the emergency social services? 2-1-1
How do you "check the scence"? ASK YOURSELF: What happened? Is there danger/ is it safe? What is wrong? What should I do first? Is there anyone else to help?
What does the BID "D" mean? DANGER!!!!!!!
What do you do if the victim says no? Dont touch them and call 9-1-1.
Where do airborn illnesses enter the quickest? Throught the mucous membranes -EYES -MOUTH -NOSE
What are blood borne pathogens? Hepatitis B virus Hepatitis C virus HIV-Human Immunodeficient Virus AIDS virus-Acquired Human Immunodeficient Syndrome
what senses do you use? Hearing Touching Sight NEVER TASTE ANYTHING!!!!!!
How long do you give care before you call? Two minutes
In which situatuons do you care before call? An unconscious adult-Not witnessed Sudden collapse of a child A child with a know hear condition
What is the law that protects you from being sued? The good samaritin law
What are some reasons a person would not want to help in an emergency situation? Do not know what to do? Afraid of doing something wrong? Think someone else willl do it? Afraid of being sued? Afraid od disease?
What will you gain/learn when you train? Confidenece How to protect someones spine how to help spmeone when they are chocking how to give someone CPR how to clear an airway when someone is unconscious How to use AED
What is AED? Automated External Defibrillator
What do you have to do in order for the good samaritan law to protect you? you act reasonable you stay within you training you gain consent (permission) you do not abandon them
What does it mean to be soiled in bodily fluids? Soaked
Where do you put items that have been soiled in bodily fluids? In a bio hazard container
How can you get a disease through direct contact? kissing physical touch exchange of bodily fluids the fluids getting into open wounds
How can you get a disease through indirect contact? coughing sneezing If the droplets are inhaled or get into the mucous memebrane
How can you protect yourself? Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and beware of danger
what is respiratory distress? When someone is struggling to get air.
What are the signs for choking? Forcefully couching and hodling the neck
What do you do if someone is choking? tell them to keep coughing have someone call 9-1-1 stay with them
Why would you tell someone to keep coughing if they are choking? They may have a chance of getting the object to come up and they are getting air
Why should you call 9-1-1? In case they stop choking and become unconscious.
What is it called when someone stop couging? Respriatory arrest
What is respiratory arrest? Respiratory arrest is when someone is not getting any air into their airway.
What do you do if someone is conscious choking? Place your arm across their chest. Then position them across your chest. Next, you give them 5 back blows. if that does not work find their belly button, make a fist and then give 5 abdominal thrusts. Repeat process if needed.
What is the diaphragm? The diaphragm is muscle located below the lungs and above the stomach.
How long should you give the techniques? ( back blow and abdominal thrusts) You do the techniques until the object comes out and the person becomes unconscious.
What happens if the person choking becomes unconscious? You lock your arms under their shoulder and pull them towards your body. Make sure you support their body and head as you lower them. When you lay the head down don't slam it down lightly lower it.
What is another phrase for a respriatory emergency? Conscious choking
Where should your hand go when giving back blows? You should place your hand between their shoulder blades.
How many back blows do you give to a choking person? You only should give five back blows.
Where do you give the abdominal thrusts? The diaphragm
What does CPR stand for? CardioPulmonary Resuscitation
How do you check an injured or ill adult? #1 check for responsiveness
What is the diaphragm a shape of? parachute
Created by: TierraHughes_103