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Three action steps

Health and Human

What are the three emergency action steps? Check, Call, Care
What does P.P.E. stand for? Personal Protective Equipment
What's the big "D"? Danger
What is triage? To help the worst victims
Emergency number: 9-1-1
Poison Control Number: 1-800-222-1222
State Police Number: #77
Emergency Social Services 2-1-1
Care before you call when: A child has a known heart condition, an adult has been unconsious for an unknown amout of time, and a sudden collapse of a child
What law protects you from being sued? The good Sameritan Law
If you get expressed concent you say: I'm __________ ________ and I'm certified. Can I help you?
Boodily Fluids: Blood, Saliva, Urine, and Feces
How do you make a bio-hazard container? two zip-lock bags one inside another
Mucus Membranes: Eyes, Nose, and Mouth
What are the three "P's"? Preserve Life Prevent Futher Injury Promote Recovery
What is respatory distress? When someone is struggling to get air
What do you say to someone who is chocking Tell them to keep choughing (but also tell someone nearby to call 9-1-1)
When someone's coughing are they still getting air? yes
What is Respatory Arrest? When someone is no longer getting air to their lungs
What should the possition of the victims body be when attempting CPR? bent over with head parallel or lower to the floor
Where should you hit someones back when giving Respatory assistance? Between the shoulder blades
How many blows to the back does a chocking person need? five
once you've given the blows to the back you need to _________. Raise the person up, find the navel and go a little above then proseed to give five quick upper thrusts to the diaphram.
Continue the five and five technique until: The object is forced out or the person loses consiousness
Created by: CourtneyBowles