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Emercency Response

If a person says no dont help me, what do you do? If the person says no dont touch them, but do call 9-1-1!!
If you are afraid of catching a disease what do you were? you can were gloves,gogles for your eyes.
What is direct contact? coming in contact with bodly fluids like kissing physical touch and there fluids like saliva getting on you from example: open wounds
What is indirect contact? at risk when someone cauths sneezes andd is airborn
What are 4 bodly fluids? blood, saliva, urine, and feces
what 3 things inter the mucus membrain quikest? eyes, nose, and mouth
what are the 3 p's? preserve life, prevent further injury, premote recovery (ppp)
what do u do 1st before anything if some one is injured? you cheak first!
what is the second thing u do? 2nd you call 9-1-1
what is the 3rd thing you do? 3rd you care for the person
what toes the big "D" stand for? big "D" stands for DANGER
what are the 4 most important #'s to remember? 911, #77, 1-800-222-1222, and last 211
What are some reasons you might not want to help? Dont know what to do, you are afraid you are going to do it wrong, you think someone else will do it, you are afraid of being sued, and aou are afraid of getting a disease.
If you are afraid of being sued what law will protect you? The Good Sameritin Law
How do you make your own bio-hazard container? ZIP-LOCK BAGS one inside of the other.
What is the bystandar effect? The more people there are, the less likely some one will do someting!!!
What are some questions you may ask youreself if something terrible happened? What Happened? , Is there danger/is it safe, what is wrong, is there anyone else to help?, who shuld i help first?
What are the 3 thing when you cheak something thats gone wrong? Do you see something unusual, do you hear anything unusual, do you smell anything unusual
What exactly do you cheak? what you cheak is the scene and the people who are injured
If someone is choking what do you say to them if you want to help them? You say youre name that you are trained tell them what you plan to do and ask then if you can help
When someone is choking what do yuou say? tell them to keep caughing, tell someone to call 911, and you stay with them
Why call 911 when someone is choking? Even if they are caughing and getting air, they may stop getting air at some point. they may also have damaged there airway from what they were choaking on
What is the first step to do when someone is choking? plase heel of hand between sholder blaides and give 5 back blows- you should here a hallow sound when you are hitting the right spot stand them back up and get behind them
What is the second step to do when someone is choking? Find pesons navel(belly botten) and place to fingers obove it place your fist where and the thumb should beagainst there stomach give five quick upper thrusts into the diaphram
what is a diaphram? the diarphram is a muscle that is located below the lungs and above the stoamach
Created by: MalloryHarrell