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Emergency Care

What are the 3 Emergency Action steps? Check, Call, and Care
How do u express consent? > Say your name > Say you are trained > Tell them what youy plan to do > Ask if you can help them
What do u do if they say no? Do NOT touch but call 9-1-1 Monitor
What do u do with soiled bio-hazards? Put in bio-hazard container
How can you make your own bio-hazard container? Put 2 zip lock bags inside each other
What is Direct Contact? Physically coming in contact with body fluids can happen via touching, kissing, and fluids getting in open wounds
What is indirect contact? Airborne When someone sneezes or coughs droplets release into air get inhaled
What are Mucous Membranes Eyes, mouth, and nose
How do u protect yourself Wear (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment and beware of danger
What are body fluids? Urine, feces, saliva, and blood
What are some blood borne pathogens? Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus HIV and AIDS Virus
What number do you call if you want to reach a dispatcher? 9-1-1
How do you decided what type of care to give? Based on what you find wrong with the person
How do you know if there is an emergency? Use your sences Eyes Ears Nose
What questions do you ask to protect yourself? What happened? Is there danger?/Is it safe? How many victims are there? What is wrong? Is there anyone else to help? Who should i help first? (Triage)
What is the big "D"? DANGER
What is the state police number? #77
Created by: YoungNR