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Infectious Disease^^

Health Science

antibiotic a substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria
virus a non-cellular biological entity consisting of nucleic acid covered by protein. They cannot replicate without a host cell and antibiotics are ineffective
pathogen a microbe capable of causing diseases
bacteria a single-celled, microscopic organism capable of rapid reproduction; shaped like a sphere, spiral or rod
herd immunity a preparation made from a suspension of killed or weakened pathogens or an inactivated toxin that stimulates the production of antibodies, protecting individuals from infectious diseases
antibody a protein produced by the immune system that binds to foreign substances introduced into the bloodstream and destroys them
microorganisms small organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, and fungi
vaccine resistance of a population to a pathogen due to the immunity of a large proportion of the group to that pathogen
ring vaccination administering vaccine only to people in close contact with an infected person
immunization the use of vaccines to protect the body from a disease-causing microorganism
C.D.C. Center Disease Control; U.S. federal agency that protects public health and safety/ tries to get national involvement to enhance health decisions; headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia; established in 1972
W.H.O. World Health Organization; a specialized agency of the United Nations that enhances international public health; headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland; established in April 7, 1948
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