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Health test 9,10,11

Oil trapped in pores EXPOSED to air Blackheads
Oil trapped in pores NOT exposed to air Whiteheads
Clogged pores that become infected Pimples
4 ways of developing healthy skin Exercise, reduce stress, good nutrition, get plenty of sleep
What is anything you put on the body to make yourself more attractive, change appearance or smell. Cosmetic
3 examples of a cosmetic. lotions, perfumes, nail polish, deodorant
What are the dead cells at the base of the nails to prevent bacteria from entering the body Cuticle
Whats a Torn cuticle Hangnail
What is in the Sebaceous glands that are blocked or release too little oil Dandruff
What sucks blood from the scalp, transfer easily from person to person, causing itching & sometimes carries disease Lice
What is the hardest substance in the body (covers the crown tooth) Enamel
What is the center of the tooth; that contains blood vessels & nerves (living part of the tooth) Pulp
What is the glue that holds teeth in the socket? Cementum (*you can remember because cement is the glue that holds stuff together
What connects the root of a tooth to the jaw? Peridontal membrane
4 types of teeth? (* trick to remember In Canada Bears Move=ICBM Incisors, Canines, Bicuspids, Molars
What keeps teeth strong? It is in milk, dark green and leafy vegetables Calcium
What helps the body absorb calcium & phosphorus (milk) Vitamin D
What can be converted into vitamin A found in dark green vegetables and deep yellow fruit? Carotene
What is the formation of teeth & bones, and healthy gums found in citrus fruits broccoli and tomatoes? Vitamin C
What is are the #1 culprit of tooth decay? Sweets
Americans consume about --- Pounds/person/year? 151
What are the most common disease to man? Dental carries or tooth decay
What is the sticky colorless film of bacteria that constantly form on teeth? Plaque
What is the infection that If left untreated, it infects the bones supporting the teeth? Periodontal disease
What is the infection @ the root of teeth that the toxins spread to other parts of the body & may cause sinus infection? Abcess
What is bad smelling breath? Halitosis
3 ways for good teeth care? Brush teeth after eating & before bedtime, floss @ least one time a day Use mouthwash
Dress how? Appropriately
In everything you do give glory to? God
Being able to keep your room clean, and neat shows that you are? Responsible
What is the robe of righteousness? We are talking about salvation, when we put on this robe we are showing that we are being like Jesus, When God looks @ us he sees Jesus Christ Righteousness around us.
What is the garment of praise? Choosing to praise God in the good and bad, we as humans need to praise the lord no matter what.
What is the larger sweat gland found in the armpits? Apocrine
What controls odor? Deodorant
What blocks perspiration by blocking pores? Antiperspirant