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Chapter 8

Nutrition (BALL)

What is the function of Carbohydrates? Supplies energy for body functions
What are the functions of Fats? Form cells, protect nerves, maintain body temp and supplies energy
What are the functions of Proteins? Growth and repair of your body's tissues
What are the functions of Vitamins? Help the body with various processes, including use of other nutrients
What are three examples of minerals? Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Sodium
What is the role of water in the body? Helps maintain steady state(homeostasis), nearly all the body's functions take place in water solutions.
Define the term Metabolism. Is the chemical process by which your body breaks down food to release energy.
List 4 ways the body uses nutrients? 1. Regulate bodily functions 2. Promote growth 3. Repair body tissues 4. Obtain energy
What are the two general types carbohydrates? 1. Simple Carbohydrates 2. Complex Carbohydrates
Define Cholesterol. Is a waxy-fat like substance found in animal cells that may lead to heart disease or stroke.
What daily percentage of your daily calories should come from Carbohydrates? 45-65%
What daily percentage of your daily calories should come from Fats? 20-35%
What daily percentage of your daily calories should come from Proteins? 10-35%
What are the two forms of fat? 1. Saturated 2. Unsaturated
Which form of fat is solid at room temperature? Saturated fat
Name 3 foods that are a good source of protein. 1. Cheese (Parmesan) 2. Beans (Soybeans) 3. Lean Veil & Beef (Lean cuts) 4. Seeds (Pumpkin & Squash) 5. Lean Meats (Chicken) 6. Fish (Yellowfin Tuna)
What are the two classes of vitamins? 1. Fat-soluble 2. Water-soluble
How are trans fats made? What purpose are they used? Are made when manufactures add hydrogen to the fat molecules in vegetable oils. Keeps food fresh longer.
Define HDL High-Density Lipoprotein (GOOD cholesterol)
Define LDL Low-Density Lipoprotein (BAD cholesterol)
How many Amino Acids are there? 20
How many are considered Essential Amino Acids? 9
Define Dehydration A serious reduction in the body's water content.
Define Anemia & name the lack of what mineral that contributes to this? A condition in which the red blood cells do not get enough hemoglobin (iron)
Give two examples of foods that water-soluble vitamins occur in? Fruits & Vegetables
What percentage of your body is water? 65%
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