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Embalming Theory T2

Test 2

The embalming shall be located where? The embalming room shall be located on the premises of the funeral establishment.
What is not visible to the public? The interior of the embalming room shall not be visible from a public area when the doors to the room are closed
What is shall be easily cleaned? the embalming room, including all of it's surfaces, and equipment used in the room shall be capable of being easily cleaned, sanatizied and disinfected.
What type of water device is needed? a supply of running water with a device to prevent back-flow of water.
the materials and equipment necessary to prepare dead human bodies, including cleaning, sanitizing, and infecting them arterially embalming or restoring them.
What is need in the prep room for you to wear? a sufficient supply of personal protective equipment and clothing for each person in the room handling the dead human body.
What is needed for human waste? facilities to dispose of bodily fluid and waste appropriately
what type of ventilation is needed? mechanical ventilation directly to the outside the building.
What must you do for plans? Must first submit plans to registrar for approval prior to alteration
What must be done prior to 180 of inspection? Must have certificate of inspection by public health or medical officer within 180 days before the room is used stating it is suitable for the purpose which it will be used, and must submit certificate to the registrar.
What does the equipment and embalming room to be kept/look like? Operator shall ensure that embalming room, including all surfaces in the room and equipment used in the room is kept in a clean, sanitary and disinfected condition
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