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HUC Chapter 10

Abbreviations and Vocabulary

Activity Order A doctor's order that defines the type and amount of activity a hospitalized patient may have
Afebrile Without fever
Axillary Temperature Placing the thermometer in the patient's axilla (armpit)
Bedside Commode A chair or wheelchair with an open seat, used at the bedside by the patient for the passage of urine and stool
Blood Pressure The measurement of pressure of blood again the artery walls
Cardiac Monitor Monitor of the heart function, providing visual and audible record of heartbeat
Dangle The patient sits and dangles their feet over the edge of the bed
Diastolic Blood Pressure The minimum level of blood pressure measured between contractions of the heart
Emesis Vomit
Febrile Fever
Fowler's Position A semi-sitting position
Intake and Output The measurement of the patient's fluid intake and output
Neurologic Vital Signs The measurement of the function of the body's neurologic system; includes checking pupils of the eyes, verbal response and so forth
Nursing Observation Order A doctor's order that requests the nursing staff to observe and record certain patient signs and symptoms
Oral Temperature The temperature reading obtained by placing the thermometer in the patient's mouth under the tongue
Orthostatic Hypotension A temporary lowering of blood pressure (hypotension) usually due to suddenly standing up
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