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The Big C

Cells, tissues and cancer

anaplasia a loss of structural organization in a tissue that is permanent
dysplasia abnormal tissue development
hyperplasia an increase in the number of cells in a tissue, other than by tumor development
metastasis the spreading of cancer cells from the primary tumor
remission improvement or absence of signs of disease
adenocarcinoma a malignant tumor of glandular epithelial tissue
adenoma a benign tumor of glandular epithelial tissue
benign adjective that describes a noninvasive, slow-growing tumor; nonmalignant
cancer a disease characterized by the aggressive, unregulated growth of abnormal cells and their spreading to other tissues
cancer in situ cancer in the early stages prior to metastasis
carcinogen a substance that causes cancer
carcinoma a cancer, or a malignant tumor
epithelioma a tumor that originates from epithelium, usually from the skin
fibroma a benign tumor of fibrous connective tissue
fibrosarcoma a malignant tumor that originates from fibrous connective tissue
leiomyoma a benign tumor of smooth muscle
leiomyosarcoma a malignant tumor that originates from smooth muscle
lipoma a benign tumor of fat tissue
lymphoma a malignant solid tumor or lymphoid tissue
malignant an adjective that describes an aggressive, life-threatening, invasive tumor
melanoma a cancer that bears a dark pigment, usually arising from pigment-producing cells of the skin
myoma a benign tumor of muscle tissue
neoplasm a new growth of abnormal cells; a tumor
neuroma a tumor that originates from nervous tissue
oncogenic adjective that means causing tumors
osteosarcoma a malignant cancer of bone
rhadbomyoma a benign tumor that originates from skeletal muscle and consists of rod-shaped cells
rhabdomyosarcoma a malignant tumor that originates from skeletal muscle
chemotherapy treatment that uses drugs
cytologist a scientist or technician who studies the structure and function of cells
histologist a scientist or technician who studies or identifies tissues
histology the study of tissue
oncologist a physician who specializes in the treatment of cancer
oncology the study of tumors
palliative treatment to reduce the intensity of painful symptoms without producing a cure
radiotherapy treatment of cancer that uses radioactive materials
Adeno-Ca adenocarcinoma
CA cancer
chemo chemotherapy
Mets metastasis
St stage (of cancer development)
TNM tumor, node, metastasis
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