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Ball Health Review

Ball Chapter 7 Review

Name 6 risk factors of violence? 1. Poverty 2. Family violence 3. Media violence 4. Availability of guns 5. Drug abuse 6. Membership in gangs
Name 8 costs of violence? 1. Emotional scars 2. Guilt 3. Fear of revenge 4. Criminal charges 5. Financial costs 6. Emotional costs 7. Serious injury 8. Fear of violence
What do you call unwanted remarks or actions that cause a person emotional or physical harm? Harassment
Negative feelings about a group based on stereotypes? Prejudice
Lack of acceptance of another person's opinions, beliefs, or actions? Intolerence
The unfair treatment of a person or group based on prejudice? Discrimination
List 5 ways you can help prevent bullying? 1. Don't make jokes at others' expense 2. Don't reward a bully with laughter 3. Speak up, silence is seen as approval 4. Don't believe rumors & don't spread rumors 5. Reach out to students who are isolated
List 2 factors that often lead to arguments? 1. Anger 2. Embarrassment & Hurt pride
What is the main reason for domestic violence and dating violence? One persons desire to have control over another.
A process for resolving conflicts that involves a neutral third party? Mediation
List two things you need to do when ignoring a conflict and one reason why? 1. Be flexible: your safety is first 2. Learn to control your anger: you might overreact to a situation
List 3 steps for confronting a conflict wisely? 1. Choose the place and time 2. Stay calm 3. Negotiate a solution
Created by: alexball