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Ball Health Review

Ball Chapter 6 Review

What is the process of sharing information, thoughts, or feelings? Communication
What type of communication is a statement that expresses your feelings, but does not blame or judge the other person? "I" Message
What type of communication is focusing your full attention on what the other person is saying and letting that person know you understand and care? Active Listening
What type of communication involves standing up for yourself while expressing your feelings in a way that does not threaten the other person? Assertiveness
What type of communication translates information and feelings through posture, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. Body Language
What term describes working together toward a common goal? Cooperation
What is the willingness of each person to give up something in order to reach an agreement? Compromise
Name 4 qualities of a close friendship? - Loyalty - Honesty - Empathy - Reliability
What quality describes a close friend that sticks by you in both good and bad times? Loyalty
What quality describes a close friend that will try hard not to let you down? Reliability
What are 4 problems that can occur in high school friendships? - Envy - Cruelty - Cliques - Jealousy
A need to conform to expectations of friends is referred to as what? Peer pressure
What are the three cycles of violence? - Tension Building - Violent Episode - Calm
List 4 behaviors associated with the tension building cycle? 1. Acts of violence 2. Criticize or threatens 3. Isolates victim from others 4. Picks fights
List 4 behaviors associated with the violent episode cycle? 1. Uses force 2. May use a weapon 3. Causes serious injure 4. May destroy possessions
List 4 behaviors associated with the calm cycle? 1. Asks for forgiveness 2. Makes promises 3. buys presents 4. Is affectionate
What are the 4 abstinence skills? 1. Set clear limits 2. Communicate your limits 3. Avoid high-pressure situations 4. Assert yourself
What are 4 risks of sexual intimacy? 1. Effect on your emotional health 2. Effect on your relationship 3. Risk of pregnancy 4. Risk of sexually transmitted infection
Created by: alexball