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Ball Health Review

Ball Chapter 5 Review

What is the family called that includes close relatives living together or near each other(could include aunts, uncles, grandparents, ect.)? Extended family
What is a family called that cares for children whose parents are unable to care for them? Foster family
What is it called when a child is showing signs like bruising or an unexplained mark on their body? Physical Abuse
When an adult fails to provide for the basic needs of a child, it is called? Neglect
When a family teaches their children to behave in a way that is acceptable to the family and to society is called? Socialization
What is a family in which only one parent lives with the child or children Single parent family
What family consists of a couple and their child or children living together in one household? Nuclear Family
What are 4 sources of family stress in today's society? - Illness - Financial problems - Separation & Divorce - Drug Abuse
What is the nonphysical mistreatment of a person? Emotional abuse
What is a child who leaves home without permission and stays away for at least one, or two nights? Runaway
What are 3 possible outcomes for children that become runaways? - May become ill - Turn to crime - They become easy targets for people who are involved with prostitution and drugs
What is the ability to understand another person's thoughts or feelings? Empathy
What are 4 skills that families can practice to help solve problems? - Resolving conflicts - Expressing emotions - Making decisions - Managing time
What is a network of people who help each other cope with a particular problem? Support Group
Created by: alexball