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health chapter9(DMS)

7th grade health chapter 9 vocabulary words

Alcohol a drug created by a chemical reaction in some foods, especially fruits and grains
intoxicated being drunk
Blood alcohol concentration ( BAC ) the amount of alcohol in the blood
cirrhosis the scarring of the destruction of the liver tissue
ulcer an open sore in the stomach lining
alcohol abuse using alcohol in a ways that are unhealthy, illegal, or both
alcoholism a disease in which a person has a physical and physiological need for alcohol
neurons cells that make up the nervous system
central nervous system made up of the brain and the spinal cord
peripheral nervous system the nerves that connect the central nervous system to all parts of the body
brain the command center, or coordinator, of the nervous system
spinal cord long bundle of neurons that sends messages to and from the brain and all parts of the body
bridge drinking consumption of several alcoholic drinks in a short period of time
minor a person under the age of 18
violence an act of physical force resulting in injury or abuse
refusal skills strategies that help you say no effectively
drug a substance other than food that changes the structure or function of the body or mind
over-the-counter found on the shelves of local pharmacies or grocery stores
drug misuse taking or using medicine in a way that is not intended
drug abuse intentionally using drugs in a way that is unhealthful or illegal
overdose taking more of a drug than the body con tolerate
prescription drugs drugs prescribed by a doctor
stimulants a drug that speeds up the bodies function
amphetamines strong stimulant drugs that speed up the nervous system
depressants drugs that slow down the bodies function and reactions, including heart and breathing rates
club drugs illegal drugs that are found mostly in nightclubs or at all-night dance parties called raves
narcotics drugs that get rid of pain and dull the senses
hallucinogens drugs that distort moods, thoughts, and senses
inhalants vapors of chemicals that are sniffed or inhaled to get high
drug-free zone 1000 yard distance around a school were anyone caught with drugs can be arrested
drug possession when a person has or keeps illegal drugs
probation a set period of time during which a person who has been arrested must check in regularly with a court officer
alternative another way of thinking or acting
assertive willing to stand up for yourself in a firm but positive way
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