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PHC 6013: Sample

Choosing the study subjects: Specification, sampling, and recruitment

Population A complete set of people with a specified set of characteristics
Study sample The subset of the accessible population that participates in the study
Characteristics that define a population 1) Geography 2) Clinical 3) Demographic 4) Temporal
Target population Defined by clinical and demographic characteristics. The large set of people throughout the world to which the results will be generalized.
Accessible population A geographically and temporally defined subset of the target population that is available for study
Inclusion criteria Define the main characteristics of the target population that pertain to the research question
Exclusion critera Indicate subsets of individuals who would be suitable for the research question were it not for characteristics that might interfere with the success of follow-up efforts, the quality of the data, or the acceptability of randomized treatment
What is a drawback of using hospitalized or clinic-based patients? Patients tend to have serious forms of the disease that give a distorted impression of the commonplace features and prognosis. Sampling from primary care clinics can be a better choice.
What is a drawback of selecting a sample from the community? They are not representative of a general population because they: 1) Volunteer 2) Fit inclusion and exclusion criteria 3) Agree to be included in the study
Convenience sample
Created by: AlneciaPHS