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health cahpter 5

patterns of behavior or thinking that causes a person to feel significant emotional pain or to be unable to function in any one or more of 3 importnat areas emotional problems
mental illness condition of losing touch with reality accompanied by reduced ability to function schizophrenia
dependence on a substance habit or behavior addiction
abnormal food intake stemming from emotional causes and related to addiction eating disorder
condition of feeling apathetic, hopeless, and withdrawn from others depression
5 out of 100 teens suffer from...? most severe form of depression
sleep abnormalties including difficulty in falling asleep and wakefulness through the night insomnia
emotional state of high energy with stress response as the bodys reaction to it. anxiety
traumatic stress disorder, reaction to stress such as wartime, suffereing, or rape post traumatic stress disorder
sudden unexpected spisode of severe anxiety with symptoms such as rapid heardbeat,sweating, dizziness, and nausea anxiety attack
extreme irrational fear of an object or situation phobia
uncontrollable need to perform repetitive acts ocd
irresistible impulses to perform senseless acts compulsions
normal feelings that arise from the conscience when a person acts against internal values guilt
extreme feeling of guild that arises when a person internalizes a mistake shame
how many hours a week of undivided attention to be in love 15 hours
someone who is always sick hypochondriac
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