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COC counseling

1) take 1 pill everyday at the same time. Be consistent. Take your pills in the correct order how to take
2) The first 3 weeks are active pills, the last week is a placebo pill and you should get a withdrawl bleed during this week the active vs placebo and when to expect period
3) Finish each pill in a pack and restart a new pack as soon as the first one is completed when to start new pack
4) You can start either immediately, the first day of your period, or the firs Sunday after you period starts when to initially start
5) Use a backup method for the first 7 days unless you are going to start on the first day of your period back up method!
6) You may experience spotting or light bleeding, nausea, breast tenderness, or mood changes when you start your pill pack. It should go away after 1-3 months, if not call your provider btb, nausea, breast, moody in first 1-3 months
7)call your provider if you experience any of the following: abdominal pain, chest pain/SOB, headaches, eye changes:blurred vision, flashing lights, blindness, severe leg pain VTE/PE symptoms - leg pain, SOB, chest pain abdominal pain head problems: eyes/headaches
8) if you miss one pill; take it as soon as you remember. Then take your next pill at the normally scheduled time. No back up needed probably okay if you forget 1, just FIX IT asap
9) If you miss 2 pills take 2 pills for 2 days double it up if you doublely forgot
10) If you miss more than 2 pills (or if they are 20mcg): take a pill then take 1 pill daily. Need backup for 7 days. If missed in week 1 then use EC. If missed in week 3, finish the pack of active pills then immediately start taking the next pack (skip placebo in this pack)
does not protect against HIV and other STDs
Created by: HugsAndKisses