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Health 7 Nutrition

Vocab words Sept. 2012

What term describes the psychological desire for food? appetite
What term describes the physical need for food? hunger
What term describes how much energy a food provides to your body? calorie
What is the nutrient in your body that is basically sugars and starches that occur naturally in food and is a main source of energy? carbohydrates
What nutrients help your body fight infection? vitamins
What nutrient helps digest an absorb food, regulate body temperature and blood circulation, and carries nutrients and oxygen to other cells? water
What nutrient lowers the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and constipation? dietary fiber
What does the U.S. government say an "average" person's calorie needs are? 2000
What term describes the study of nutrients and how your body uses them? nutrition
What is the type of fat that is considered to be "bad" fat? saturated fats trans fat
What term describes a person who studies foods and nutrients? nutritionist
What is the nutrient your body uses to build, repair, and maintain cells and tissues? protein
What is the nutrient that provides insulation and cushioning for the skin, bones and internal organs and helps distribute and store certain vitamins? fats
What nutrients help form healthy bones and teeth and regulate certain body processes? minerals
What is the waxy substance that builds up in your arteries and can lead to heart disease? cholesterol
What is in the upper left corner of My Plate? fruits
What is in the lower left corner of My Plate? veggies
What is in the lower right corner of My Plate? proteins
What is in the upper right corner of My Plate? grains
What is outside of the My Plate? dairy
Created by: klopezD9