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Flag Football

Flag football gym Ms.Rhea

The extra points attempted after scoring a touchdown point after touchdown (PATS)
When a player jumps over the line of scrimmage before the ball has been put in play on defense. 5 yards from the line of scrimmage, repeat the down encroachment or offsides
When the offense illegally starts the play by not having the ball in motion and jumps over the line of scrimmage false start
if a player carries the ball across the goal line he/she is defending, and the ball becomes dead while in his/her team's possession, it will be ruled a safety. The team will receive 2 points, and will receive a kick-off. Worth two points Safety
anyone can throw to anyone (male or female) open play
this means a male just completed a pass to a male; the next play MUST incorporate a girl either throwing or catching for positive yards closed play
defending player contacts reciever or removes flag before they contact ballpenalized as__the receiving team will recieve ball at location of penalty. inadvertent/accidental contact w/ receiver will not count as this.10 yd penalty, loss down,reward defense pass interference
may be called at any time afte rthe ball is snapped when a receiver pushes of the.defender, it will be considered ____. penalty- 10 yards (previous spot), loss of down to reward defense offensive pass interference
10 yard penalty and repeat down holding
15 yard penalty (previous spot) flag guarding
when a team runs an open play on a closed play down. loss of down (previous spot) illegal procedure
offensive player- passes or hands off the ball to other players on the team in attempt to make completions and move down field to score. usually very athletic and has a good arm quarter back
offensive player- line up on the line of scrimmage and run pass routes in attempt to catch the ball from the quarterback. Usually these players have speed and are able to catch the ball well. recievers
offensive player- eligible receivers that normally run shorter pass routes and are looking for the pitch back from the recievers tight ends
offense player- in a continuous motion, this player puts the ball into play by snapping the ball to the quarterback. this person can then become a receiver or block center
offensive player- generally these players are very agile and aggressive. they are to prevent the d linemen from sacking the quarterback by moving their feet. Remember. no contact is allowed. Arms must be down or behind the back. offensive linemen
defensive player-generally these players very quick, have good reaction and aggressive. Either one or two, but either way, ____ are to rush the quarterbak after the ball has been snapped from the center to the quarterback in trying to pull flag for sack defensive linemen
defensive player- these players stay in middle of field and take away any short passes thrown. need to be good at pulling flags and should have a sharp eye on reading plays so they are able to prevent first downs and have chances to intercept ball middle linebackers
defensive player- near outside of field, take away and plays made to the outside. should be good at reading the play so can intercept the ball being thrown into their zone or to player they covering should have goodfotwork b/c they change directions alot cornerbacks
defensive player- these players are the last resort on defense. they cover the long passing routes and try to prevent the ball being caught. these players are normally tall and/or quick safety
male only is worth 6 points. female involved 9 points touchdown
3 yards- 1 point. 10 yards- 2 points. 20 yards- 3 pts. Conversions or *PATS
length of game 40 minutes (two 20 minute halves and 3 minutes halftime)
Clock stops because of: team time out, official's time out, player injury, and after the conversion attempt following a touchdown.
clock stops during final minute of the second half during these situations: incomplete pass, player injury, official timeout. will not run during point of conversion
time outs each team receives two times outs per half. each time out will last 1 minute. referee will be responsible for keeping track of time outs.
number of players: 2 teams, 8 players each. 4 male, 4 females. teams can go down to 7 players due to injury as long as there are equal or more females on field
initial possession: is determined by a coin toss. winning team will have the choice to recieve ball or let the other team start with the first possession. ARE NO KICKOFFS. all possessions start from 20 yard line.
second half: teams switch sides, team that did not intitial possession shall receive possession to being 2nd half
Created by: gracegrady110