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Module 1

Hill burton act of 1946 post WWII- provided funding for hospitals and health providers in rural areas
community hospital usually a not for profit hospital that is developed and operated in a community
Free- Standing hospital hospital unafflliated with any other hospital system
not-for- profit hospital Structured as a 501 C where the profits from the organization are reinvested in the organization under IRS code
public hospital a government supported hospital at the federal state and local level
Teaching hospital ab tertiary< hospital w/ AHC that participates in on site training of physicians
sole community hospital the ONLY general hospital ACUTE care hospital available in a service area
syndicated hospital a for- profit hospital that has physicians as investors/ owners
Hospital system an organization of a number of hospitals into a system that provides direction and administrative services from a central office
Critical Access Hospitals CAHS rural hospitals that meet certain eligibility requirements to receive cost based MEDiCARE rein burstment
3 central lines of authority for hospital organization 1)medical staff 2) board of directors 3)administration
specialty hospital provide services targeted torwards specific disease
Dish proportionate share hospital payments DSH A federal and state program that provides additional funding to hospitals that treat a higher percentage of medicare/caid patients
Capitation a payment system used in managed care in which the provider is paid a fixed amount of a regular basis for the provision of all covered benefits of the uninsured
Health maintenance organization HMO an umbrella term for an organization that delivers and manages and delivers services under a risk based arrangement
Health promotion education and other supportive services that guide individuals to a healthier life style
managed care an umbrella term for a variety of health plans that finance and deliver on some level
primary care basic or general care
primary disease prevention the intervention that reduces the risk of dev. a disease or disorder
secondary disease prevention an intervention that slows the progress of a disease/ disorder
tertiary disease prevention may or maynot slow the process but may improve the condition
Health protection emphasizes the health of a population in the areas of OSHA
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