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health lesson 3 ch.9

health lesson 3 chapter 9 7th grade discovery

the consumption of severd alcoholic drinks in a short period of time bridge drinking
a person under the age of 21 and is drinking or is at a party with drinkers, or is at a bar around people who are drinking, can go on personal record minor
reasons for under aged drinking curiosity, makes you feel more relaxed and more adult like, uses it as a relief from painful emotion or loss
alcohol in the media television, comercials, and movies, make people look young and attractive in the commercials while drinking it
what is one of the main reasons teens use alcohol peer pressare
how many drinks can you have until they are harmful to the body and why 1, because you put your self ot risk of becoming addicted
I am going to drink alcohol because i want to be cool
teen know ________ is _______ for you but still do it because they want to _________ alcohol, bad, fit in
__________ can affect teens _________ and ____________ for there __________ alcohol, goals, dreams, future
some people think ________ will help with _________, but it ___________ alcohol, emotions, wont
Created by: 900911