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health lesson 2 ch.9

health lesson 2 chapter 9

cells that make up the nervous system, sends and receives messages from the brain in from tiny electrical changes neurons
the brain and the spinal cord central nervous system
the nerves that connect to the central nervous system to all parts of the body peripheral nervous system
a long bundle of neurons that sends messages to and from the brain and to all other parts of the body spinal cord
the command center, or coordinator of the nervous system brain
attacks the central nervous system system, damage other parts of the nerves multiple sclerosis
causes memory loss, harms the brain, death, and mental destruction Alzheimer's disease
stiffness, shaking Parkinson disease
when signals in brain that aren't sent normally, it can cause serious damage, you can get a seizure from this disease epilepsy
polio, rabies, meningitis viruses that can harm the nervous system
a persons skin and teeth will become yellow because its kidney or liver doesn't work right Meningitis
what does the brain do with the nervous system works with it
loss of memory and loss of some physical ability, it can also create brain damage brain injures
carries messages to and from your brain, your bodies control center, controls breathing, controls the flow of blood throughout your body, and it can be harmed or permanently damaged by alcohol nervous system
damage to the brain as its growing cerebral palsy
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