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Health lesson 1 ch.9

Health lesson 1 chapter 9

a drug created by a chemical reaction in some foods, especially fruits and grains, depressant, a drug that slows down the activity in your brain alcohol
being drunk intoxicated
The amount of alcohol in the blood Blood Alcohol Concentration ( BAC )
the scarring and destruction of the liver Psoriasis
an open sore in the stomach lining ulcer
using alcohol in ways that are unhealthy, illegal or both alcohol abuse
effects of alcohol time, how fast, how much, weight, how long, how much food would be in the stomach, what you think about drinking, where your at when you drink
Alcohol is a depressant
mixing drinks makes you what? drunker
when a person is addicted to alcohol alcoholic
a disease in which a person has a physical and psychological need for alcohol alcoholism
support groups can help people who are addicted Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA )
What are the 3 short term affects of alcohol use impairs judgment, reduces coordination, harms many body organs (brain, heart, blood vessels, liver, kidneys and stomach)
What are the 4 long term affects of alcohol use psoriasis (the scaring and destruction of the liver), ulcers (an open sore in the stomach lining), high blood pressure, damage many body organs causing a serious illness
many have speech and learning problems fetal alcohol syndrom
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