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Health Unit 1

Health And Lifestyle Diseases

What is wellness? How is it related to health? overall state of well-being, encompasses all areas of health
What are lifestyle factors? personal behaviors that affect your health
What are risk behaviors? actions that can harm your health
What are the 6 riskiest behaviors? 1) sedentary lifestyle 2) alcohol + drug use 3) sexual behaviors 4) diet 5) tobacco use 6) behavior causing injury
Describe the 7 steps of the cardiorespiratory system. 1) lungs inhale O2 rich air 2) O2 blood in lungs -> heart -> arteries -> all cells 3) Muscles use O2 to make ATP + CO2 4) O2 exchanged for CO2 in capillaries 5) CO2 blood goes thru veins -> heart 6) CO2 rich air -> lungs 7) Exhale CO2 and repeat cyc
What causes a heart attack? arterial blockage cuts of blood flow to part of heart muscle
What causes a stroke? arterial blockage cuts of blood flow to part of brain; or blood vessel pops
List 5 healthy lifestyle factors that can prevent cancer Avoid sun, not smoking, diet, exercise, getting proper sleep
What is malignant tumor cancerous tumor
what is a benign tumor non cancerous tumor
what is a tumor abnormal mass of tissue w/ no function. grows uncontrollably
Give example of lifestyle factor that leads to lifestyle disease Smoking --> lung cancer
what is physical health? diet + exercise
what is emotional health? self esteem + stress
what is social health? relationships + communication
What is a controllable risk factor? what is an uncontrollable risk factor? controllable = based on behavior + choices uncontrollable = based on traits
what is the leading cause of death for all americans? for teenagers? All Am: heart disease teens: accidents (car)
what is metastasis? spread of cancerous cells throughout body
what type of cancer is most common? Skin cancer
what type of cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths? how to prevent it? lung cancer; no smoking, eat veggies, avoid chemicals
how are radiation therapy and chemotherapy different in the way they kill cancerous cells? r: uses x rays to destroy cancerous cells in specific area c: drug that generally stops all kinds of cells from dividing
What is autoimmune disorder? condition in which immune system attacks itself
what is immune disorder? dysfunction of immune system
what is diabetes? chronic disease affecting way body converts food into energy
what is glucose? simple sugar that is body's main source of energy
what happens in type 1 diabetes? body cannot make any insulin, cells can't get energy and glucose levels in blood go up
what is the treatment for type 1 diabetes? insulin injections + diet control
what happens in type 2 diabetes? insulin does not unlock cells, insulin + glucose build up in blood, pancreas stops working
what is the treatment for type 2 diabetes? diet, exercise,
causes of type 1 and type 2 diabetes type 1: genetics/virus type 2: diet, exercise
define cancer uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells
define cardiovascular disease: disease that affects heart + blood vessels
what is blood pressure? amount of force on blood vessels
define atherosclerosis buildup of plaque on artery walls
what is asthma inflammatory condition where lung airways narrow, causing difficult breathing
what is a trigger? what are common triggers of asthma attacks? substance causing bronchial walls to narrow + produce extra mucus smoke, pets, pollen
what is an allergy? immune system's specific reaction to often harmless substance
what is the main function of the cardiorespiratory system? to transport oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues
what are most cancers caused by? lifestyle factors
what are less cancers caused by? heredity
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