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IP6 Parasit Mucosofl

Mucosoflagellates and Hemoflagellates table

What are the 5 Mucosoflagellates? Tritrichomonas foetus, trichomonas gallinae, Histomonas meleagridis, Giardia spp.
Where do mucosoflagellates normally live (2)? GIT, genital tract and intimately attached to mucus membranes
How are the mucosoflagellates transmitted (stage)? routes?(2) feces or genital effluvia; transmittted as trophozoites or cysts
Trichomonas gallinae Life cyle: 3 ways it can be transmitted Always Direct 1. parent to baby in crop milk 2. contaminated water or food in domestic fowl 3. ingestion of infected birds by hawks
DH of Trichomonas gallinae? Infection site? DH=domestic fowl, pigeons,doves, hawks. Infection site=upper GIT and liver (secondary)
What signs and pathogenic lesions would you see with Trichomonas gallinae ? caseous necrosis in mouth, esophagus, crop and liver, "yellow buttons" in esophagus and crop; rapid weight loss death
Common names for Trichomonas gallinae ? Canker/frounce
T/F Trichomonas gallinae has a cyst stage? False
What is the best way to control Trichomonas gallinae ? keep infected birds separated from healthy, breeding birds to preven water/food contamination.
How is T. foetus in cattle transmitted? Direct; venereal
DH of T. foetus? Cattle or Cats
Where is the infection site of T. foetus in cattle? reproductive tract of bulls & cows
Describe signs/pathogenesis of T foetus in cattle? Infertility, early embryonic death, abortion; pyometra
T/F bulls with T. foetus are asymptomatic? True
A farmer approaches you and says he has had to do repeated breedings and has a spread out calf crop. Etiologic agen? T. foetus
T/F T. foetus has a cyst stage? False
T/F cows can be cured of T. foetus wiwth rest but bulls are permanently infected? True
T/F there is no effective drug approved for cattle treatment of T. foetus? true
What would you suggest be done before breeding a bull if you are worried about T. foetus (3)? 1. culture the bull before breeding (3 weekly tests) 2. Use young bulls-less likely to have it 3. Use AI b/c T. foetus doesn't live in sperm
Once sperm is collected from a bull how can you treat it to ensure it doesn't have T. foetus? 1. Dimetrinidazole can eliminate it from serum sample. 2. Heat and drying kills T. foetus (but probably kills sperm too)
t/f cows infected with T. foetus will have long term immunity? False-cows can be re-infected and some can't clear and will remain a source of infection.
T/F freezing T. foetus will kill it FAlse!
How is T. foetus transfered b/t cats? Direct: fecal/oral
Infection site of T. foetus in cats? signs and pathogenesis? Large intestine, refractory diarrhea
What is the major risk factor for a cat to get T. foetus? densly housed cats
T/F there is a cyst stage for t. foetus in cats? False
Is the LC of Histomonas meleagridis direct or indirect? Indirect
What are the IH, PH and DH of Histomonas meleagridis? IH=cecal worm (Heterakis) PH=earthworm DH=Gallinaceous birds (turkey, chicken, pheasants)
Infection site of Histomonas meleagridis? Cecum and Liver
Signs/Path of Histomonas meleagridis? target-like lesions in cecum and liver (pathognomonic); cecal wall thickening, typhilitis; ulcerations; droopy ruffled feathers, yellowish diarrheal
What is the common name for Histomonas meleagridis? What species is the most sensitive to it? Blackhead; High fatality rate in turkeys; less in chickens
What are the 3 main control strategies for Histomonas meleagridis? 1. minimize exposure of birds to cecal worms/deworm birds regularly 2. don't co-mingle bird species 3. don't raise turkeys on grounds previously used for chickens
LC of giardia is direct/indirect? Direct-->fecal/oral
What is the DH of Giardia? wide-range of mammals; birds and amphibians
Infection site of Giardia? Small intestine-attaches to brush border & inhabits mucosal surfaces
Symptoms of Giardia? asymptomatic-->chronic diarrhea with pale feces, greasy and mixed with mucus, weight loss
What is the common name for Giardia? is it zoonotic? Bever Fever; Yes Giardia is zoonotic
This is the fragile feeding stage of Giardia? Trophozoite (can't live in environment)
This is the dormant, resistant infective stage of Giardia? Cyst stage
T/F albendazole is the drug of choice for use in dogs/cats to treat Giardia? False! Albendazole causes Bone Marrow failure in dogs/cats
What 2 drugs can be used to treat dogs/cats with Giardia? Fenbendazole with Metronidazole
What are 4 things you can do to control giardia? 1.Disinfect with bleach & boil water 2. Keep haircoat of puppies/kittens clean-remove feces daily 3. vaccine recommended for kennels only 4. remove feces from yard, contaminated for 1 month
What type of LC does Trypanosoma cruzi have? Indirect; Kissing bug is IH
DH of T. cruzi? Reservoir host? DH: dogs, cats, humans Res: opossums, armadillos, raccoons
What cells do amastagotes of T. cruzi infect? reticulo-endothelial and neural cells, cardiac and smooth muscle cells
T. cruzi amastagotes change into ________ in the blood? They are often difficult to find trypomastigotes
What are the signs/pathogen of T. cruzi in dogs? Cardiac problems such as congestive heart failure, enlarged spleen, liver and LN
T/F dogs have mega-syndromes like humans (T. cruzi) False
Common names for T. cruzi? chagas Dz,American trypanomiasis
T/F t. cruzi is zoonotic? true
How is a dog infected by T. cruzi? infected by rubbing feces defecated by kissing bug into the bite, licking infected bug feces; ingesting infective bug; ingesting infected tissues (also blood transfusion/congential-thesea are rare)
Trypanosoma equiperdum has a direct/indirect LC? Direct
How is T. equiperidum transmited? Venereal
DH of T. equiperidum? Equids: horse, donkey mule
Site of T. equiperidum infection? Repro tract
Signs of a T. equiperidum infection in a stallion? swelling & edema of penis, scrotum & prepuce with purulent urethral discharge
Signs of T. equiperidum infection in mare? edema of vulva & profuse fluid discharge from vagina
What are the pathognomonic lesions of T. equiperidum? silver dollar plaques-raised plaques on ventral abdomen
What would you expect to see in the chronic stage of T. equiperidum pathogenetis? wasting, paralysis and death if not treated
common name for T. equiperidum? Dourine
T/F T. equiperidum has been eradicated from the US? True=reportable dz
T/F Leshmania is considered to have both a direct & indirect LC? true
What is the IH of Leshmania? sandfly
In the US (dogs) is Leishmania considered to be direct or indirect? Direct-no sandfly transmission has been proven
How is Leishmania transmitted in dogs? direct contact with blood/secretions, transplacental, transmammary
DH of Leishmania (2)? dogs/humans
Where is the amastagote site of Leishmania found? in macrophages of hosts
where is the promastigote stage found? in the sandfly ( amastagotes->promastagotes and multiply in number)
Signs of Leishmania? Asymptomatic->mild & self limiting->systemic & fatal; often see skin dz in dogs with exfoliative dermatitis, abnormal toenail growth, ulcerative dermatitis on extremities; seborrhea, chronic wasting dz, weakness
T/F Leishmania is zoonotic dz? true
What is the name of the causative agent of Leishamaniosis in the US? leishmania infantum (L. chagasi)->visceral form
Describe treatment and outcome of Leishmaniasis? long-term treatment needed and relapses are common, expensive and many drugs have toxic side-effects, cure is unlikely
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