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Ophthalic drugs

Drugs for eyes

proparacaine hydrochloride topical anesthesia stored in fridge
tetracaine hydrochloride topical anesthesia stored in fridge
fluorescein sodium diagnostic stain for corneal ulcers
pilocarpine miotic constricts pupil takes about 1 min. lasts 10-30 min.
atropine mydriatic dilates pupil increases intraocular pressure reduces activity of parasympthetic nervous system
homatropine mydriatic anti cholinergic produces mydriasis and cycloplegia reduces activity of parasympathic nervous system increases heartrate, vomiting, diarrhea
phenylephrine sympathomimetic produces mydriasis only vasoconstriction mimics sympathetic nervous system
tropicamide acetycloline rapid acting mydriasis with slight cocloplegia
epinephrine sympathomimetic reduces intraocular pressure produces mydrasis used to treat glacoma and Horner syndrome
latanaprost prostaglandin reduces intraocular pressure by increasing outflow of aqueous humor profound miosis topical
acetazolamide carbonic anhydrase inhibitor decreases aqueous humor formation
dichlophenamide carbonic anhydrase inhibitor interferes with carbonic acid production which decreases production of aqueous humor
brinzolamide CAI interferes with carbonic acid production which decreases the amount of aqueous humor
timolol maleate beta- adrenergic agonist sympatholytic decreases ocular pressure
brimonidine alpha-adrenergic agonist sympathomimetic reduces aqueous humor
mannitol osmotic diuretics increases volume of urine excretion of the kidneys IV used before surgery to act rapidly
glycerin osmotic diuretics increases urine output by kidneys
cyclosporine Optimmune (trade name) interferes with production of T-lymphocytes stopping inflammation used to treat keratoconjuctivitis secca (KCS)
bacitracin antibacterial secondary infections gram positive organisms
polymyxin B antibacterial secondary infections gram negative organisms
oxytetracycline Terramycin (trade name) antibacterial secondary infection broad spectrum both positive and negative organisms
tetracycline antibacterial broad spectrum effective against chlamydia spp.
gentamicin Getocin (trade name) aminoglycoside works against staph gram negative organisms
neomycin aminoglycoside works against staph gram negative
erythromycin antibiotic usually against gram positive organisms
ciprofloxacin fluoroquinolones broad spectrum antibiotic
ofloxacin fluoroquinolones broad spectrum antibiotic
sulfacetamide sulfonamides
natamycin antifungal mycotic keratitis and fungal infection of cornea
acyclovir antiviral inhibits replication but not virucidal
prednisolone acetate drops corticosteroids treat inflammation
dexamethasone drops and ointment corticosteroids treats inflammation
triple antibiotic w/ dexamethasone glucocorticoid steroids treats inflammation
flurbiprofen sodium nsaid does not contain steroids reduces inflammation
diclofenac sodium no steroids inflammation nsaid
artificial tears lubricates supplies irrigation
lubricants lubricates eyes
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