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Animal Terminology

Animal Terminology USU ADVS 1110

Bovine Cattle (Beef and Dairy)
Ovine Sheep (Wool, Meat, Dual, and Dairy)
Caprine Goats (Fiber, Meat, and Dairy)
Porcine Pigs (Meat, Lard, and Bacon)
Equine Horses and Asses (Ponies, Light, Draft)
Poultry/Avian Chickens and Turkeys
Waterfowl Ducks and Geese (Domesticated)
Lagomorphs Rabbits and Chinchillas
Camelids llamas and Alpacas
Feline Cats
Canine Dogs
Bos taurus Temperate and European breeds of cattle
Bos indicus Tropical and humped breeds of cattle
Group of Cattle Herd
Adult Male Bovine Bull
Adult Female Bovine Cow
Young Male Bovine Bull Calf
Young Female Bovine Heifer Calf
Newborn Bovine Calf
Castrated Male Bovine Steer
Bovine Offspring w/ Dam Calf at foot
Bovine Birthing Calving
Bovine Mating Serving or Breeding
Sus scrofa (Sus scrofa domesticus) Pigs
Group of Porcine Herd
Adult Male Porcine Boar
Adult Female Porcine Sow
Young Male Porcine Boar Pig or Boarling
Young Female Porcine Gilt
Newborn Porcine Piglet or Pigling
Castrated Male Porcine Barrow
Porcine Offspring w/ Dam Suckling Pigs
Porcine Birthing Farrowing
Porcine Mating Coupling or Breeding
Shoat Weaner pig of either sex
Pig A swine weighing less than 120 lbs.
Hog A swine weighing more than 120 lbs.
Stag A castrated boar after being used for breeding purposes
Equus caballus Horses
Group of Horses Herd
Adult Male Horse Stallion or Stud
Adult Female Horse Mare
Young Male Horse Colt
Young Female Horse Filly
Newborn Horse Foal
Castrated Male Horse Gelding
Equine Offspring w/ Dam Suckling Foal or Foal at Side
Equine Birthing Foaling
Equine Mating Serving or Breeding
Brood Mare Female horse used for breeding
Barren Mare or Open Mare Intact female horse either never bred or did not conceive
Maiden Mare Female horse never bred
Wet Mare Female horse nursing a foal
Agalactic Mare Female horse not producing milk and/or dry
Hand Standard unit of measurement for equines that equals 4 inches
Pony Equine less than 14.2 hands when mature
Gait The sequence in which a horse places its feet and each gait has a specific name like: Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop, Pace, Singlefoot, and Amble
Ass Common name for all animals within the Ass Family
Donkey Common nickname for the Ass Family
Burro Small members of the Ass Family
Equus asinus Asses, Donkeys, or Burros
Group of Asses Drove or Herd
Adult Male Ass Jack or Jackass
Adult Female Ass Jenny or Jennet
Young Male Ass Jack
Young Female Ass Jenny
Newborn Ass Foal
Castrated Male Ass Gelding
Ass Offspring w/ Dam Suckling or Nursing Foal
Ass Birthing Foaling
Ass Mating Breeding or Servicing
Mule Cross between a Jack (Male Ass) and a Mare (Female Horse)
Equus caballus X Equus asinus Mule
Hinny Cross between a Stallion (Male Horse) and a Jenny (Female Ass)
Equus asinus X Equus caballus Hinny
Adult Male Mule Horse Mule or John Mule
Adult Female Mule Molly Mule or Mare Mule
Group of Mules or Hinnies Barren or Pack
Large Members of the Ass Family Mammoth Jack (Male) or Mammoth Jennet (Female)
Gallus domesticus Chickens
Group of Chickens Flock, Brood, or Peep
Group of Chicks Clutch or Brood
Adult Male Chicken Rooster or Cock
Adult Female Chicken Hen
Young Male Chicken Cockerel
Young Female Chicken Pullet
Newborn Chicken Chick
Castrated Male Chicken Capon
Chicks w/ Dam Clutch or Brood
Chicken Birthing Hatching
Chicken Mating Mating 'Ritual'
Layer Mature egg laying chicken
Broiler Meat-type chicken
Spent Hen Hen at the end of her production cycle and sold to soup companies
Roaster Meat-type chickens marketed at older ages and heavier weights
Stewing Hen Broiler breeders processed for stewing
Molt Changes of feathers once a year usually in the Fall
Fowl Domestic cock or hen birds kept for eggs or meat
Battery Hen Female bird housed in intensive egg production units
Melleagris galloparo Turkeys
Group of Turkeys Flock or Brood
Adult Male Turkey Tom
Adult Female Turkey Hen
Young Male Turkey Poult
Young Female Turkey Poult
Castrated Male Turkey Capon
Turkey Offspring w/ Dam Brood
Turkey Birthing Hatching
Turkey Mating Mating 'Ritual'
Anas platyrhncha Ducks
Group of Ducks Bevy, Brace or Flock
Adult Male Duck Drake
Adult Female Duck Duck
Young Male Duck Drake Duckling
Young Female Duck Duckling
Newborn Duck Duckling or Hatchling
Castrated Male Duck Capon
Anser anser Geese
Group of Geese Flock or Gaggle
Adult Male Geese Gander
Adult Female Geese Goose
Young Male Geese Gander Gosling
Young Female Geese Goose Gosling
Newborn Geese Gosling
Castrated Male Geese Capon
Oryctolagus cuniculus Rabbits
Group of Rabbits Bury, Colony, Down
Adult Male Rabbits Buck
Adult Female Rabbits Doe
Young Male Rabbits Male Kit
Young Female Rabbits Female Kit
Newborn Rabbits Kit
Castrated Male Rabbit Lapin
Rabbit Offspring w/ Dam Litter of Kits
Rabbit Birthing Kindling
Rabbit Mating Mating
Groups of Young Rabbits Wrack or Nest
Ovis aries Sheep
Flock of Sheep 2 to 700 head of ewes
Band of Sheep 700 to 1000+ head of ewes
Adult Male Sheep Ram, Buck, or Tup
Adult Female Sheep Ewe
Young Male Sheep Ram Lamb, Buck Lamb, or Tup Lamb
Young Female Sheep Ewe Lamb
Newborn Sheep Lamb
Castrated Male Sheep Wether
Sheep Offspring w/ Dam Suckling or Nursing Lamb
Sheep Birthing Lambing
Sheep Mating Breeding, Servicing, Bucking-Up, Joining, or Tupping
Bummer Lamb An orphaned lamb
Leppy Lamb An abandoned and now orphaned lamb
Hogget A yearling ewe or ram
Open-Faced Sheep with short hair on face
Closed-Faced or Wool Blind Sheep with wool on the face that must be clipped or eyed out
Lamb The meat of sheep usually under 14 months of age
Mutton The meat of adult sheep and usually over 14 months
Capra hircos Goats
Group of Goats Flock, Trip, or Band
Adult Male Goat Billy, Buck, or Billy-Goat
Adult Female Goat Doe
Young Male Goat Buckling
Young Female Goat Doeling or Goatling
Newborn Goat Kid
Castrated Male Goat Wether
Goat Offspring w/ Dam Suckling Kid
Goat Birthing Kidding
Goat Mating Breeding, Serving, or Bucking - up
Nanny A female goat, meaning nurse or nursemaid
King The head billy in a flock
Queen The head doe in a flock
Goat Meat Chevon, Cabrito, Capretto, Chivon
Chevre Goat cheese
Lama glama Llama
Lama pacos Alpaca
Group of Camelids Flock or Herd
Adult Male Camelid Male
Adult Female Camelid Female
Young Male Camelid Cria
Young Female Camelid Cria
Newborn Camelid Cria
Castrated Male Camelid Gelding
Camelid Offspring w/ Dam Suckling or Nursing Cria
Camelid Birthing Birthing
Camelid Mating Kushing or Mating
Felis catus Domestic Cat
Group of Cats Clowder, Clutter, Glaring, Pounce, Dout (house cats), and Nusiance (house cats)
Adult Male Cat Tom
Adult Female Cat Queen
Young Male Cat Kitten
Young Female Cat Kitten
Newborn Cat Kitten
Castrated Male Cat Neuter
Cat Offspring w/ Dam Nursing Kitten
Cat Birthing Queening
Cat Mating Calling
Groups of Kittens Litter, Kendle, Kindle, or Cuddle
Canis familiaris Domestic Dog
Group of Dogs Kennel or Pack
Adult Male Dog Dog or Stud
Adult Female Dog Bitch
Young Male Dog Whelp or Pup
Young Female Dog Whelp or Pup
Newborn Dog Whelp or Pup
Castrated Male Dog Neuter
Dog Offspring w/ Dam Litter of Whelps or Pups
Dog Birthing Whelping
Dog Mating To Mate or Coupling
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