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thiabendazole Tresaderm Otic benzimidazole ascards , strongyles, and ear mites commonly used as antifungal and inflammatory effects stored in fridge
fenbendazole Panacur benzimidazole tapeworms, flukes, nematodes, tania pisiformis oral administration
febantel Drontal Plus benzimidazole nematodes, cestodes, strongyles mixed with pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel
pyrantel pamoate, tartrate Nemex, Strongid T &C tetrahydropyrimidines ascards, strongyles, hookworms, pinworms nice tasting
piperazine Pipa Tabs Hartz ascards only sold OTC
ivermectin Heartgard, Ivomec avermectins nematodes, bots, lice, mange mites, grubs Heartgard preventative
moxidectin ProHeart 6 , Cydectin avermectins nematodes bots, lice, grubs
emodepside + praziquantel Profender spot on ascards, hookworms, dipylidium caninum, echinococcus granulosus, taenia taeniaeformis
praziquantel Drincit, Droncit plus pyrazine derivatives tapeworms, flukes oral preferred injection stings
epsiprantel Cestex pyrazine derivatives juvenile and adult cestodes EXCEPT echinococcus spp.
sulfadimethoxine Albon coccidia protazoas does not kill parasite hygiene important
metronidazole Flagyl nitroimazoles giardia interferres with the parasites ability to function & replicate
ivermectin & pyrantel pamoate Heartgard Plus Heartworm preventative
milbemycin oxime Interceptor, Sentinel avermectin ascards, hookworms, whipworms, demodex mites, heartworm in cats, earmites
milbemycin oxime & lufenuron Sentinel avermectin, chitin synthesis inhibitor nematodes, arthropods, heartworm, fleas, demodex mites interferres with neurotransmitters
selamectin Revolution avermectin heartworm, fleas, earmites, sarcopic mange, american dog tick, ascards, hookworms in cats, spot on
melarsomine Immiticide Heartworm adults deep Im injection
pyrethrin Mycodex shampoo pyrethrins insects, bedbugs, mosquitos, fleas, flies, chiggers lice mites can be used on cats neurotoxic effect
permethrin ProTiCal pyrethrins insects, bedbugs, chiggers, lice, mites, fleas, ticks, mosquitos DO NOT USE ON CATS
methoprene Ouitrol insect growth regulator IGR fleas(young only), mosquitoes, fly larva, flies, ticks spray fogger
pyriproxyfen Vectra insect growth regulator IGR young fleas only
lufenuron Capstar, Sentinal, Program chitin synthesis inhibitor young fleas only oral for dogs injectable for cats
nitenpyram Capstar neonicotinoid adult fleas only short half life
nitenpyram & lufenuron Capstar, Program kills both young and adults
dinotefuran & pyriproxyfen Vectra neonicotinoid & chitin synthesis inhibitor Kills all stage of fleas Can use on kittens >8 weeks
piperonyl butoxide EctoFoam Adams Flea & Tick synergists fleas & ticks
imidacloprid + permethrin K9 Advantage imidacloprids fleas, mosquitos, ticks NOT FOR CATS
imidacloprid + moxidectin Advantage Multi adult fleas, earmites, hookworms, roundworms, heartworms dogs >7 weeks Cats >9 weeks spot on
fipronil Frontline PetArmor phenylpyrazole fleas ticks, chewing lice spot on
metaflumizone ProMeris semicarbazone adult fleas for cats block sodium influx
metaflumizone + amitraz ProMeris Duo adult fleas & ticks, demodex & sarcoptic mange mites discontinued for dogs still available for cats spot on
spinosad Comfortis acetylcholine receptor agonist flea for dogs
milbemycin oxime + spinosad Trifexis heartworm, fleas
amitraz ProMeris, Mitaban Dip formamidines demodex mange, scabies in dogs, ticks alph-2 agonist use protective clothing, flammable until diluted, well ventilated area
lime sulfer LymDip, Lime Plus Dip chiggers, furmites, sarcoptic mange antifungal rinse or dip
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