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Parasit: importance

Diseases & bacteria each tick species transmits

amblyomma americanum: direct tick worry, tick paralysis, kills 50% of fawn crop annually in oklahoma
amblyomma americanum: indirect theileria cervi - deer protozoan; franciscella tularensis-tularemia; ehrlicia ewingi-canine granulocytic ehrlichiosis; ehrlichia chaffeensis-human monocytic ehrlichiosis; southern tick assoc rash illness; r. rickettsi - RMSF; borrelia spp - lyme
amblyomma variegatum: direct tick worry; damage to cattle skin; lesions often assoc with other infections
amblyomma variegatum: indirect ehyrlichia ruminantium (rickettsia)- heartwater; PREDISPOSES host to dermatophilus congolensis (gram + bacteria)- sporothricosis (fungus), lumpy wool disease
amblyomma cajennense: direct tick worry
amblyomma cajennense: indirect ehrlichia ruminantium (rickettsia) - heartwater
amblyomma maculatum: direct vicious biter; gotch ear; wounds are attractive for screwworm infestations; extreme pain with bite; economic threshold in horses is one tick; tick worry, weight loss
amblyomma maculatum: indirect ehrlichia ruminantium - heartwater; hepatozoon americanum (protozoan) to dogs
rhipicephalus (boophilus) annulatus: direct tick worry, stress
rhipicephalus (boophilus) annulatus: indirect bovine babesiosis (texas cattle fever) via Babesia bigemina (a haemoprotozoan)
rhipicephalus (boophilus) microplus: indirect Babesia bigemina, B. bovis (protozoan of cattle) transovarially; anaplasma marginale (rickettsia of cattle) transstadially or intrastadially (males)
rhipicephalus sanguineus: indirect babesia canis (protozoan of dogs); babesia gibsoni (protozoan of dogs); ehrlichia canis (rickettsia of dogs)
rhipicephalus decoloratus: indirect babesia bovis; babesia bigemina - redwater fever; anaplasma marginale
rhipicephalus appendiculatus: indirect theileria parva parva
dermacentor albipicus: direct tick worry, hair loss, ghosts/phantom moose in Canada; tick paralysis
dermacentor albipicus: indirect anaplasma marginale (rickettsia of cattle) in edwards plateau; babesia caballi (protozoan of horses) transovarially
dermacentor andersoni: direct tick worry; tick paralysis
dermacentor andersoni: indirect anaplasma marginale (rickettsia of cattle) transovarially; rickettsia rickettsi to man/dogs - RMSF; colorado tick fever (virus)
dermacentor (anocentor) nitens: direct tick worry; ear damage, secondary infections
dermacentor (anocentor) nitens: indirect primary vector of babesia caballi (protozoan of horses) in western hemisphere
ixodes scapularis: direct tick worry
ixodes scapularis: indirect babesia microti (protozoan to humans, New england); Borrelia bergdorferi (spirochete) - lyme, primary vector, esp in the north; babesia odocoilei (protozoa) - deer; anaplasma phagocytophilum (rickettsia) - tick borne fever to humans, livestock
Ixodes pacificus: indirect lyme disease on pacific coast (spirochete)
haemaphysalis leporispalustrus: indirect franciscella tularensis (bacteria) - tularemia in rabbits; rickettsia rickettsi (rickettsia) - RMSF in rabbits
Otobius megnini: direct otitis externa / otitis media from secondary infection; muscule fasciculation & colic signs in horses; head tilt; shaking head, head butting
argas persicus: direct anemia
ornithodorus spp: indirect Borrelia spp (spirochete) - relapsing fever; borrelia coriaceae (spirochete) - epizootic bovine abortion in CA
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