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What is the definition of an ectoparasite? A parasite that lives outside the host
When they have an ectoparasite do we refer to it as a infestation or infection? Infestation, infection is how we refer to an internal parasite
What 2 parasites are we looking for on a skin scraping? Demodex and Sarcabies
What are reduvid bugs also known as? Kissing bugs
What is a periodic feeder? Means they return to the wound multiple times to feed
What are reduvid bugs an intermediate host for? T. cruzi
What are the 2 "true bugs?" Reduvid bugs and bed bugs
What is the scientific name of the chewing or biting lice? Mallophagia
What is the scientific name of the sucking lice? Anoplura
What is pediculosis? Lice infestation
What is the egg stage of lice called? Egg or nit
Are lice species specific? Yes
Can lice cause death? Yes if they have a severe enough infestation it will cause an anemia and then death
What insects are classified as Dipterans? Flies
What is the common name for the genus Simulium? Black flies
What is the common name for the genus Lutzomyian and what do they resemble? New World Sand Fly moths
What is the common name of Culicodies? Gnats
What can gnats transmit? Blue tongue
What are mosquitoes intermediate hosts for? Heartworms
What are mosquitoes vectors of? Malaria, yellow fever, elephantitis
What is the common name for Hippelaties? Dog Penis Gnats
What is the common name for Chrysops spp? Deer fly
What is the common name for Tabanus spp? Horse fly
What is the largest Dipteran? Horse fly
Why does a horse fly's bite hurt so bad? They have reciprocating scissor like mouthparts
What do horse flies and deer flies transmit? Anthrax, anaplasmosis, and EIA
What is the common name for Stomoxys calcitrans? Stable fly
What is the common name for Haemotobia irritans? Horn fly
What fly causes midline dermatitis? Horn fly during hot weather, they stay on the abdomen of the cattle
What is the common name of Malophagus ovinus? Sheep Ked
Why are sheep ked so detrimental to the sheep industry? Causes the sheep to itch and scrape off wool and then the feces of the sheep ked will stain the wool
What is the common name for Musca autumnalis? Face fly
What bacteria do the face flies transmit and what does it cause in cattle? Morexella bovis, pink eye
What is myiasis? Maggots
What is fly strike? Areas of skin that have damage from chronic fly bites, ie the tips of dogs ears
What is the common name for Musca domestica? House fly
What is the common name for Sarcophagia? Flesh fly
What is the common name of Cochilomyia hominivorax? Screw worm
What is the life cycle of a screwworm? Female attracted to fresh skin wound, lays eggs in shingle like form, hatch within 24hrs, larvae enter the wound, eat for 4-7 days, develop into 3rd stage larvae, bore down into tissues, fully mature drop to ground, pupate for a week, adult flies emerge.
What is another name for Cuterebra? Wolf Warble
What is a common animal to see Cuterebras in? Rabbits
How do animals get Cuterebras? Adult lays eggs around rabbit hole, stick head in, eggs stick to fur, larvae hatch out, go down hair shaft, burrow into skin, eat, fall out as pupae, hatch as adults
What is the common name for Hypoderma spp? Heel flies
What is the difference between H. bovis and H. lineatum? H. bovis live in the sQ tissue of the back and H. lineatum lives in the stomach of cattle
What is the common name for C. felis? fleas
Make sure to know flea lifecycle and how to treat a pt and house that has fleas. :)
What stage of fleas is impossible to kill? Pupae
Which form of mites burrows into the skin? Scabies (Sarcoptic mange)
Which form of mites is easy to diagnose but hard to treat? Demodex
Which form of mites is hard to diagnose but easy to treat? Scabies
Which form of mite lives in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands? Demodex
What are the 2 types of Demodex? Localized and generalized
What is the most common medication for treating Demodex or Scabies? Ivermectin
Which form of mange is zoonotic but self limiting? Scabies
What is the common name for Notodres cati? Cat scabies
What is the common name of Psoroptes cuniculi? Cornflake ear
What is the common name of Otodectes cyanotis? EAr mites
What animal is most commonly infested with ear mites? cats
What is the common name of Chyletiella? Walking dandruff
Why do chiggers make you so itchy? Digestive enzymes that melt your cells
What is the common name of Rhipicephalus sanguineus? Brown Dog Tick
What is the common name of Dermacentor variabilis? American Dog Tick
What is the common name of Amblyomma americanum? Lone Star Tick
What is the common name of Boophilus annulatus? Texas cattle fever tick
What are 4 tick transmitted dz? Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichia, Anaplasmosis, Lyme
What is Boophilus annulatus a transmitter of? Babesia
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