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What is a physical property of x-rays? Travel in straight lines
As the wavelength of x-ray photons shortens, the energy of the x-ray bean will? (Increase or decrease) Increase
Kvp setting on an x-ray machine controls the? Quality of the x-ray beam
The mAs setting on an x-ray machine controls the? Quantity of x-rays emitted
During an exposure, electrons in the x-ray tube travel from the? Cathode to the anode
CAT=cathode--> anode-->
To produce x-rays, a great deal of energy in an x-ray tube is converted into heat. The ratio of heat generated to x-ray production is generally conosidered to be? 99% : 1%
The acceleration of the electrons and their ultimate striking energy is determined by the? kVp
When depressing the 'prep' switch on a rotating anode x-ray machine, you are effectively? Heating up the filament and spinning the rotating anode
Regarding the production of x-rays in the x-ray tube the Cathode includes the filament and the focusing cup
What transformer in an x-ray machine controls the temperature of the filament? Step down transformer
The heel effect is going to be more noticeable with? Larger film, shorter focal film distance and lower kVp
Full wave rectifications means that? 120 pulses of x-rays are produced per second
What is the minimum distance in feet that a safelight in the darkroom should be away from the work site? 4ft
If using both blue and green sensitive films, what type of safelight should you use? Red
The main purpose of the x-ray developer is to? Concert the exposed silver halide crystals into black metallic silver
The main purpose of the x-ray fixer is to? Clear away the unexposed, undeveloped silver halide crystals
A safelight illumination test was performed in the darkroom. On processing the film, you see various gradations of blackness on your film. The area exposed for the longest period of time is? Darkest
After you manually process a film, you notice that there is a green area of about 1/2 inch along one narrow edge of the film. This is due to the area not being? Developed or fixed
Clear line at the top of the shorter edge of a radiograph that you have manually processed. This is due to the area not being? Developed
You are looking at a film that is totally clear except for a bit of black that you notice along the edges. Your film has not been? Exposed to radiation
(*black on film is from light leak)
A film has a relatively clear edge all the way around the radiograph. This is because of? Collimation
The remaining silver halide crystals from exposed x-ray film are removed in the? Fixer
What would cause the image on a processed x-ray film to be fogged? Film stored in an area of high room temperature.
What should be the maximum intensity of the bulb in a safelight in developing rooms? 15 watts
A bullet fragment on a film appears as a? White mark
A crease in the film after exposure but before processing will likely appear as a? Black crescent mark
Safelight fogging on a radiograph appears as a? Diffuse grayish area
The cells that are most susceptible to the hazards of ionizing radiation are? Rapidly dividing cells of the intestinal lining, neoplastic cells, and gonad cells.
A sievert (Sv) is the Unit of radiation dose equivalent to the absorbed dose in tissue.
A radiation film badge worn at the collar level Monitors exposure of the thyroid gland and lenses of the eyes.
When taking radiographs you should whenever possible use? Decreased exposure time, increased distance from radiation, and increased shielding.
A small filament produces an image of Greater detail than a large filament
If you were going to decrease the focal film distance from 100 cm to 50 cm, what should your new mAs be if the old mAs was 16? 4.0 mAs
Scatter radiation on a film is more noticeable if there is Higher kVp, thicker patient, and larger field size
To get more density on a film you should do what to the kVp and mAs? Increase either or both
Because of the relationship between mA and mAs, as you increase the mA you can Decrease the length of the exposure so that there is less chance of movement
The crystal of high speed screens as compared to similar types of par screens are Bigger, and there is less detail
The main advantage of fast speed screens and films is that Lower exposure factors can be used which can allow use of a smaller focal spot.
If using rare earth screens what spectrum of light must the film be sensitive to? Green range
a radiograph appears gray overall. This is best described as a Low contrast film with many steps but few changes between each step.
Grid cutoff can be described as Incorrect use of the grid so that the grid absorbs more radiation than it should
A dog is lying in left lateral recumbency for a pelvis radiograph. The right femur will be more magnified because of decreased focal film distance and increased object film distance.
In a lateral pelvic projection the affected limb should be Closest to the film and pulled slightly cranially
The term dorsomedial-plantarolateral oblique is in reference to the? Metatarsus
The term dorsomedial-plantarolateral obique means that the x-ray bean is directed at the Dorsal limb aspect, and the film is against the lateral side of the limb.
For proper radiographic exposure, a radiograph should be taken during maximum Expiration for abdomen
Inspiration for the thorax
Best view of the elbow is Craniocaudal
Peripheral borders for an elbow radiograph are 1/3 of the radius/ulna and 1/3 humerus
The cranial and caudal borders for a lateral abdomen should be The eighth rib and femoral head
Best view for tympanic bullae is Open mouthed rostrocaudal
For a DV view of the entire skull, you should center the primary beam Between lateral canthi on sagittal crest
To ensure that your Dv radiograph for the skull is parallel and perpendicular you should try to have An imaginary line drawn between the medial canthi parallel to the film.
Required to take intraoral radiographs of the teeth of a labrador. You are to use your regular x-ray machine and the animal is anesthetized. you should use Nonscreen film
For cervical studies you should center the primary beam at C3 to C4
(7 Cervical Vertebrae)
The femurs in a hip dysplasia view appear foreshortened. This is likely due to not having the Femurs parallel to the cassette
Positive contrast media are considered to be Radiopaque, which means it will be White on a processed film
The triiodinated compound that is least irritating to the GI tissues and has less toxicity is the Meglumine diatrizoic salt
The positive contrast compound that does not influence the movement of fluid through the intestinal wall Barium sulfate preparation
An IV pyelogram is also referred to as a Excretory urogram
An upper GI study is performed to evaluate Stomach and small intestine
The film focal distance for a dental radiograph machine is 16 inches
The exposure factor that is responsible for accelerating the electrons from the cathode to the anode is kVp
The temperature of the cathode filament is controlled by mA
The nine penny test is a quality control test for Light field/x-ray field alignment
Elongation and foreshortening of anatomic structure are associated with Geometric distorion
A tabletop (nongrid) technique is used to radiograph the Extremity
Sante's rule is used to calculate kVp
If the mA is 300 and the time is set at 1/60 the mAs is 5
A special study that involves use of a negative contrast media is Pneumocystogram
The field of view of the pelvis for OFA includes Pelvis, femurs, and stifles
Standing lateral view of the thorax with a horizontal beam is used to confirm the presence of Fluid or free air
A skyline view is used to radiograph what part of a horses anatomy carpus
Bisecting angle technique is associated with taking an x-ray of the teeth
To determine whether an animal had an ununited anconeal process the veterinarian would want you to x-ray the Elbow
The pH of the fixer chemicals is Acidic
The ideal temperature of the chemicals for manual radiograph processing is 68 degrees
Nonscreen film would most likely be used to take what type of radiograph Dental
An x-ray film exposed to visible light and developed would appear Black
An x-ray film accidentally developed before exposure to radiation appears Clear
A new x-ray film taken directly from the box appears Green
All artifacts appear as clear or white marks on film except Crimping or folding of the film
If a radiograph is too light and the image appears underpenetrated you should Increase kVp 10% to 15%
If the image is too light but the image shows adequate penetration you should IncreasemAs 30-50%
If a film is too dark and the image appears overpenetrated you should Decrease kVp 10-15%
Mitchell markers are primarily used in standing radiography of the equine head to assist in identifying Fluid levels in paranasal sinuses
The unit of absorbed ionizing radiation dose is Gray (Gy)
If cracks are present in protective apparel they appear what color when radiographed Black
One sievert (Sv) equals 100 rem
a noninvasive imaging procedure that uses a small amount of radioactive material administed IV is Scintigraphy
The ultrasound term that refers to few echoes detected and the area is a low level gray compared with the surrounding tissue is Hypoechoic
The imagine technique that uses x-rays and computers to produce images that show anatomy in a cross section is CT
What involves no ionizing radiation to create the image MRI
The maximum permissible dose for whole body radiation per year in sieverts is 0.05 Sv
Tabletop exposures can usually be made under which of the following circumstances When the area of interest is less than 10 cm thick
Lateral thoracic radiographs are taken at peak inspiration
Which views must be taken to properly perform a thoracic metastasis check on a patient with mammary adenocarcinoma Right and left lateral views and a VD or a DV view
Which lung field is best visualized in an animal that is in left lateral recumbency Right lung field
Attribute a yellowing of radiographic films to Incomplete washing of processing chemicals
To take advantage of the heel effect Place the thickest part of the patient toward the cathode side of the x-ray tube
The palmar surface of the forelimb refers to The caudal surface of the forelimb distal to the carpus
What information can a barium impregnated polyethylene spheres study provide Information about gastric transit time
The information yielded with nuclear scintigraphy includes what Physiologic information about the function of the organ under study
what contrast media is contraindicated with perforations Barium sulfate
Hypoechoic tissues have what characteristics in an ultrasonic study Reflect few echoes that result in low level grays on the screen
High frequency ultrasound unit transducer Increases resolution and decreases penetration
a bladder stone is hyperechoic what type of image does this project on the ultrasound monitor Bright white image
a urine filled bladder is usually best classified as anechoic
The tungsten plage (target) is located where on the x-ray machine anode
In an x-ray tube, x-rays are formed on the tungsten target on the anode
The distance between the x-ray tube and the film is the focal film distance
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