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Quiz 4: Cardiology

What is the only oxygenated vein in the body? Pulmonary Vein
Which valve separates the right atrium from the right ventricle? Tricuspid Valve
Which valve separates the left atrium from the left ventricle? Mitral (Bicuspid) Valve
What is the outer layer of the heart called? Pericardium
The _______ layer of the pericardium lines the cavity of the heart. Parietal
The _______ layer of the pericardium touches the heart. Visceral
After the blood leaves the right atrium, where does it go? Right ventricle
The blood leaves the right ventricle through the _______. Pulmonary artery & lungs
Where does the blood gas exchange take place? Lungs
The blood travels through which vein to get back into the heart? Pulmonary Vein
Where does the oxygenated blood enter the heart? Left atrium
Where does the deoxygenated blood enter the heart? Right atrium
After the blood leaves the left atrium, where does it go to? Left ventricle
What's another name for the "ears of the heart"? Auricles
What structure is the apex connected to? Left ventricle
The blood is channeled to the rest of the body through which artery? Aorta
The deoxygenated blood from the body flows through the _______ and ________ veins. Superior, inferior
What is it called when the heart muscle contracts? Systole
What is it called when the heart relaxes and refills with blood? Diastole
Which structure generates electrical impluses that beat the heart? Hint: it's also called the "pacemaker" of the heart. SA node
Depolarization is when _______ are pumped into the cell. Cations
Polarization is when ________ are pumped out of the cell. Cations
True or false: pressure in the ventricles is higher than the pressure in the atria. True
In fetal circulation, the _______ _______ remains open until the animal is born. Oval foramen
The amount of blood that leaves the heart is called _______ _______. Cardiac output
True or false: cardiac output depends on stroke volume and heart rate. True
The "lub" sound of the heart is the sound of which valve(s) closure(s)? Tricuspid and Mitral (Bicuspid)
The "dub" sound of the heart is the sound of which valve closure? Semilunar
An electrocardiogram is also known as what? ECG, EKG
What is the largest artery in the body? Aorta
Are subclavian arteries more superficial or deep? Deep
True or false: it is okay to inject into the carotid artery. False
Created by: emilyeakins