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what aspect of the physical exam can help assess GI motility abdominal auscultation
interic mucous membranes suggest liver disease
key aspects in determining hydration status includ CRT & skin turgor
How can you measure objective data laboratory results
lymph node enlargement might indicate what neoplasia
assessment of a patients perfusion may best be achieved by pulse strength & CRT
when does the clients experience start when the receptionist answers the phone
severe dehydration can kill a patient in a short time (true/false) true
failure to produce adequate urine has no effects on a block patient (true/false) false
you do not need to record date that is with in normal limits in the patient medical record (true/false) false
oxygenation is the first priority of care for a critical patient (true/false) true
one should schedule an appointment for the same amount of time for new puppy visits (true/false) false
absence of palpable pulse with heart rate plulse deficit
decreased body temperature hypothermia
pupil asymmetry anisocoria
normal variation in heart rhythm sinus arrhythemia
itching puritis
fainting syncope
pus in the uterus pyometra
hair loss alopecia
limb weakness ataxia
high pitched inspiratory wheeze stridor
you should always pick up a ringing phone by what ring 3rd
when getting information from an owner what should you always do to show your active listening skills and confirm what the owner has said repeate the info
the forceful ejection of the stomach contents up the esophagus and through the mouth vomiting
the backflow of undigested food (which has never reached the stomach) up the esophagus and through the mouth regurgitation
what does OSHA stand for occupational safety and health administration
what is step one of the needs ladder oxygenation
what is step two of the needs ladder critical safety/ acute pain
what is step three of the needs ladder hydration
what is step four of the needs ladder elimination
what is step five of the needs ladder nutrition
what is step six of the needs ladder noncritical safety
what is step seven of the needs ladder chronic pain/acute pain
what is step eight of the needs ladder activity
what is step nine of the needs ladder utility
written document describing routine procedures carried out in veterinary practice that is provided for all staff members, reviewed regularly, designed according to practice policy SOP; standard operating procedure
how many hours of continuing education are RVT's required to have 16 hours
how long do RVT's have to obtain the required amount of continuing education every other year
how often does an RVT have to renew their liscense every other year on even numbered years
this is written to persuade potential employer that you are the one for the job; it is a self-advertisement to showcase your skills resume
this part of a resume should summarize your career aspirations, what you expect from a job, what you have to offer the employer objective statement
this is written to explain the reasons for your interests in the specific organization and identify your4 most relevant skills or experiences cover letter
what does PPE stand for personal protection equipment
when making solutions from a concentrate you should always start with the correct quanity of ___ and add ____ water; concentrate
this is a serious, almost always fatal, viral disease that can affect any warm-blooded animal, spread by contact with an infected animals saliva rabies
what are the purpose of OSHA regulations to ensure a safe work place for employees
OSHA can give a practice very little time to correct any violations found on a visitation (true/false) true
OSHA regulations have how many specific standards 5
this is used for gas sterilization and is thought to be a human carcinogen ethylene oxide
what is the safe exposure limit for all halogenated gases 2ppm
these types of gases should be stored in a cool, dry place away from heat or direct sun light compressed gases
this is a disease that can be passed from animal to human under normal conditions; can be spread via inhalation, contact with broken skin, ingestion, contact with eyes and mucous membranes, accidental inoculation zoonotic disease
any solid, liquid, or gas that can harm people other than living organisms, property, or the environment hazardous material
any substance that produces a lethal dose or a lethal concentration toxic material
communicable by infection, as from one person to another or from on part of the body to another infectious material
this type of material tends to react with other material reactive material
material that is to be set on fire or heated ignitable material
after how many days will an animal that is placed in the custody of a veterinarian considered abandoned after the veterinarian has given written notice to the individual that delivered the animal 5 days
this type of supervision is when the DVM is within ear shot of the RVT direct
this type of supervision is when the DVM is not on the premises and the RVT is working from written oral directives of the DVM indirect
patient medical records are considered to be what confidential
patient medical records, including radiographs must be kept how long after the last encounter with the patient 3 years
what are the four items allowed only to DVM's prescribe, diagnose, prognose, perform surgery
aside from the actual laws, there are how many types of ethical issues that are a major issue in veterinary medicine 3
what are the 3 types of ethics societal, personal, professional
these are principles that give him/her a sense of right/wrong, fair/unfair personal ethics
this is established by your profession that defines and encourages specific conduct profesional ethics
who developed a code of ethics for the profession of veterinary technology NAVTA
this is established by society and generally written into law societal ethics
this is the standard of moral behavior ethics
as a staff member of the veterinary hospital, technicians are exposed to hazards (true/false) true
the purpose of safety programs is to reduce or eliminate injury
OSHA enforces laws that ensure compliance
who is responsible for learning the rules of safety the employee
the practice owner has a right to be present during an OSHA inspection (true/false) true
where should heavy equipment be stored lower shelves
what is the first responsibility during a fire alert others
working bottles of hazardous chemicals should be contained in what type of bottles ones with screw on lids
ethylene oxide can be used to sterilize rubber gloves (true/false) true
what is the most common form of injury in the veterinary hospital animal related
all zoonotic diseases are easily passed to humanes (true/false) false
scatter radiation is not harmful to humans (true/false) false
it is acceptable to use kitty litter to clean up spilled anesthetic agents (true/false) true
you should not attempt to fight a fire if it spreads beyond the immediate area
you should not attempt to fight a fire if it blocks an escape route
you should not attempt to fight a fire if your unsure of proper extinguisher use
you should not attempt to fight a fire if it involves a structure
these sheets are in a binder for all employees to use MSDS; material safety data sheets
lifting requires the use of what legs
who is required to provide safety equipment and training to the employee employer
written safety related policies are known as hospital safety manual
where should chemicals on shelves be stored at eye level
one of the first rules of safety is to dress appropriately
one in every five work place injuries is related to back injuries
these should never be stored near biologic materials food and drinks
It is important that portable dryers and electrical equipment cords are properly grounded
how far away from an ignition source should newspapers, boxes, and cleaning supplies be stored 3 feet
to prevent unauthorized entry it is important to always keep nonclient doors locked
this is a potent chemical used to sterilize hand instruments without the use of an autoclave glutaraldehyde
since injury can not be eliminiated the best thing to do is minimize it
if you enter an animals stall you should remain on what side door side
noise levels above __ dB are considered dangerous 110
borrelia burgdorferi is the cause of which zoonotic disease lyme disease
this type of mange can typically affect the bra line or waist band areas sarcoptic
microsporum is a fungus of the skin known as ringworm
high dose exposure to this can cause cell damage radiation
long term exposure to this can lead to liver and kidney damage anesthetic
the most serious hazards from needles and sharp objects is by puncture or laceration
this organization regulates safety in the workplace OSHA
this organization is the national association for vet techs NAVTA
this organization governs the practice act in the state the board
this organization is associated with specialty boards AVMA
this organization is associated with continuing education registry RACE
whose responsibility is it to know that tasks that a vet tech may legally perform the vet tech
a vet tech can be ___ as a result of his or her actions sued
who accredits programs of study for the vet tech AVMA
what records must be submitted for licensure of a vet tech criminal history
where is a civil penalty paid to licensing board
what is the term adopted by NAVTA to refer to a group that has recieved recognition as a specialty academy
what term should not be used by a tech who is a member of society socialists
what is a veterinary technician considered credentialed when an application is reviewed and approved by the state board
where are state criminal history record checks obtained from state police
where are federal criminal history record checks obtained from FBI
a vet tech in a substance abuse program will have their license put on probation
what are the two most important grounds for discipline in veterinary medicine practicing beyond the scope of license; negligence
this means an authority is considering a professional license and contacts that member notice
hearings are a matter of what type of records public
with a license what is the most severe sanction by a board revocation
this means the vet tech is limited in his or her practicing of nursing probation
a fine paid to the licensing board civil penalty
violations of the practice act are called technical violations
deviation from or failure to conform to acceptable standards malpractice
conduct that increases the risk that negligence will occur incompetience
state laws are ___ by the legislature and signed into law by the govenor enacted
this is the primary law that governs a profession the practice act
why is signalment important predilection of specific diseases, to identify the animal, for legal purposes
who is not authorized to admit an OSHA inspector to the practice in the absence of the employer employee
what should never be used as storage areas hallways; stairways
you should never operate machinery or equipment without all the proper ____ in place guards
what is the first thing that should be done before opening an autoclave active vent device
extension cords should only be used for temporary applications and should always be what type three-conductor ground
when transferring a chemical to a smaller or different container it is important to remember to always apply a secondary container hazard warning label
these will give additional precautions, insturctions, and advice for handling specific products in the workplace MSDS
this is a key component of the right to know law hazardous material plan
this includes instructions for organzing and filing the practice "right to know" label hazardous material plan
how many years must pass since the date of the expiration of a license or a registration certificate before appropriate examinations must be retaken in order to apply for a new license or registration 5 years
how many parts is the indiana state law divided into two
what are the two parts of indiana state law code; administrative code
this part of indiana state law is proposed by legislators in response to an issue or request from constituents indiana code
this part of indiana state law is written by state agencies to enforce code passed by the legislature indiana administrative code
who formulates administrative code with specific rules and regulation that accomplishes what has been directed in the code ISDH (indiana state department of health)
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